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Term 1, Week 1

Excited for 2023
23 is a prime number – primed to be a great year!

Dear Families

Welcome to the 2023 academic year and the Year of Courage. We also warmly welcome the many new families joining us at the College for the first time this year. 

Every year we focus on one of our six core values. The Core Value for 2023 is Courage – speaking and acting with integrity. This is a significant core value as it focuses on how we build positive relationships, take risks and genuinely care for each other. 

Student Numbers 

This year Kildare will start with 696 students and 88 staff members – the biggest in its history. We are so blessed to have such a supportive community that believes in what we are doing at Kildare. 

Despite the Covid uncertainties of recent years, we have remained a strong, invested and connected community. This is a perfect combination to develop independent, resilient, and empowered young people. We look forward to welcoming our students back next week, where we have many incredible activities and events planned to start our year. 

2022 Year 12 Results – 100% SACE Completion 

During the break, we celebrated the amazing results of our Class of 2022 with 100% SACE completion and 91.5% of the grades in the A and B grade bands (well above the Catholic schools’ average of 79.4%). We congratulate each student on their achievement and look forward to remaining in contact with them as Old Scholars. 

Student-Centred College 

We are proudly a student-centred College that makes every decision based on what is best for our students. This year we have introduced Prefects to our Senior Student Leadership Team, and together with the other Student Leaders from each year level, we look forward to drawing upon their ideas and actions for 2023.

Visit our Facebook and Instagram where you can hear about the College Captains and Prefects’ goals for 2023

2023 New Staff 

At Kildare, we are blessed to have energised, diverse, committed, and excited staff, so that each student can achieve her personal best.  

We are delighted to introduce the following new positions and staff members:

Projects over the holidays 

Over the holidays, Garry and Stanley started their roles as Maintenance Manager and Maintenance Officer. Together with our Business Manager, Lil Mader, they have done a tremendous job getting our College ready for the start of the year. We look forward to showing you the projects they have been working on. We sincerely thank them for all their hard work. 

23 – Prime Number 

We thank you again for choosing Kildare. It is an absolute privilege working in partnership with you and your daughter so that together we can continue to provide an exceptional education for your family.  

Finally, did you know that 23 is a prime number? Some facts about prime numbers: 

  • They have been associated with magical and mystical properties. 
  • They are the building blocks of whole numbers. 
  • They are not only found in artificial human-made systems, but there are examples of primes also in the natural world. 
  • They are a mathematical mystery, the secrets that mathematicians and physicists have been trying to uncover ever since Euclid (Greek mathematician) demonstrated that they have no end. 

Hence like prime numbers, there are endless opportunities for us at Kildare, and it is primed to be a great year! 

We were so delighted to welcome back our students and staff this week. You will hear more about their first week in our next College Blog.

Best wishes always, 

Tina Neate