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Term 1, Week 11

What a term!

As Term 1 comes to an end, it is beautiful to reflect on the many activities and accomplishments of our students at Kildare College. It has been an inspiring term filled with learning, growth, and connection. Kildare continues to empower young women to be bold and ambitious in breaking down gender stereotypes whilst being kind and considerate.

Student Empowerment

At Kildare College, we prioritise student-centred education that advocates for women and supports their leadership. The College believes in building resilience and understanding, evident in the many examples of courage shown by the students this term, from building positive relationships to taking risks and genuinely caring for each other. Throughout Term 1, we have witnessed our students trying, learning, and taking risks that have led to their personal growth and understanding.

Transitioning to Kildare

The transition to secondary school is a significant milestone in every student’s life, and we recognise the challenges that come with it. Our Year 7 students have transitioned into Kildare and secondary schooling beautifully.  

To support our new Year 7 students this term, our Peer Support program has provided a welcoming environment for them to interact with their peers. The Year 11 Peer Support Leaders have played a vital role in this program, welcoming the newest members of our community with open hearts and engaging activities that challenge them.

Navigating Friendships: Building Strong and Lasting Relationships

Building solid relationships is a crucial component of a healthy and fulfilling life, and we are committed to supporting our students in this area. We recognise that forming and maintaining friendships can be a straightforward process for some, yet a challenging one for others.

It’s essential to remember that friendships can be a tremendous source of support and happiness, but they also require effort and dedication. This is especially evident during adolescence when friendships are continually evolving. We believe that students can cultivate and nurture enduring friendships and relationships by remaining authentic, discovering common interests, exhibiting empathy, communicating openly and honestly, respecting boundaries, and practising patience. This can take time and an incredible amount of effort.

Exciting Activities

Post-COVID has seen the return of many activities at the College, fostering more student connections. This term, our students have had the opportunity to participate in various activities across all year levels, such as camps, surfing, excursions, incursions, Swimming Carnival, Retreats, Music Night and of course, our Senior Formal. These activities have allowed them to celebrate their achievements and unite as a community.

Term 1 has been a remarkable one at Kildare. The many exciting activities have created more opportunities and connections between the students, and we continue to be proud of each student’s accomplishment.

Thank you for your tremendous support with all that we do, and we look forward to Term 2.

It is an incredible honour for our students to perform and do justice to amazing, influential women, and celebrate the talent of female artists both past and present. Our students performed songs by women who have made an impact on the music industry, inspiring generations of musicians to come.

The set list included some all time greats, from Dolly Parton, Tina Turner and Nina Simone to Amy Winehouse, P!nk and Adele; just to name a few.  The students also tributed the musical theatre genre with a song from Beetlejuice the musical, written by an Australian artist, Eddie Perfect, and performed On Broadway by Sophia Anne Caruso.

The students’ hard work and dedication was apparent with each performance showcasing the effort and commitment they put into their music. Powerful vocals, impressive guitar solos and tight rhythm sections were evident and received well by the audience throughout the show.

The performances were inspiring, demonstrating the power of women to bring people together and recognise the success of female artists. It was a night that left the audience feeling empowered and uplifted, celebrating the strength and resilience of women in music.

The Year 8 Medieval Fair held on Wednesday 5 April was a delightful and engaging experience for everyone involved! The students were in high spirits and thoroughly enjoyed participating in a variety of activities throughout the day. From dancing and bocce to jousting and calligraphy, there was never a dull moment.

In addition to these exciting activities, the students had the opportunity to learn about medieval medicine by trying their hand at the art of plague catching. The circus workshop was another highlight of the day, where students got to learn new skills and challenge themselves in a fun and safe environment.

The fair was not only educational but also delicious! Students enjoyed baked potatoes for lunch and wore costumes to really get into the spirit of the event. It was heart-warming to see them having so much fun while also learning and trying new things.

Overall, the Year 8 Medieval Fair was a huge success, and we look forward to more exciting Humanities events like this in the future!

As the world we live in continuously changes, it’s important that we all understand the significance of human rights. That’s why we are excited to share with you the news that Year 9 RISE students recently created podcasts about human rights’ issues they are passionate about.  

The students were given the opportunity to research and explore human rights issues that they felt strongly about. They were then tasked with creating a podcast to share their thoughts and raise awareness about the issues they had chosen. Arch D Radio presenters ran sessions with our students, which focused on how to write an engaging script and then helped record the students’ podcasts.

The results were impressive. The students covered a wide range of topics, from the right to education, the importance of gender equality, to the need for more action on climate change. Each podcast was well-researched, thoughtful, and engaging.

One of the great things about this project was the level of creativity and collaboration it fostered. The students were encouraged to think outside the box and to work together to create something meaningful. The project was also an opportunity for the students to further develop research, writing, and communication skills.

The most important outcome of this project was the impact it had on the students themselves. They gained a deeper understanding of the issues they researched and a greater appreciation for the importance of human rights. They also discovered the power of their own voices and the impact they can have, when they speak up about issues that matter to them.

The students’ podcasts will be uploaded to a Spotify playlist created by Arch D Radio where society will be able to listen to the students’ creations. The Year 9 podcast project was a great success. It gave students the opportunity to explore human rights issues in a creative and engaging way, while also developing important skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the world around them.