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Term 1, Week 2

Welcome to Kildare College!

On Wednesday 1 February, Kildare College welcomed all our Year 7 students and new students from Years 8 to 11. The morning was filled with many opportunities for our new members of the Kildare community to get to know each other, their Pastoral Care teachers, subject teachers and become accustomed to life at a secondary College. With a morning tea for our new families, it was indeed a lovely way to start 2023! Each new student to Kildare brings with her, a beautiful personality, amazing abilities and incredible potential to make a positive impact. We are so blessed to have such wonderful students start the year with us.

Kathy Hennig
Transition Coordinator

Year 12 Orientation Day

Wednesday 1 February saw the Class of 2023 begin their final year of schooling. Not in a classroom, not even on campus.

Our most senior students enjoyed a Year 12 day with a difference.

Together we headed to the Largs Bay Sailing Club to reconnect existing relationships and be open to the blossoming of new connections. The GAP classes rotated through three activities: a relaxing beach walk, a session of ‘Movement, Mindfulness and Affirmation’ and perhaps the students’ favourite, ‘Tribal Drumming’. A video can be watched on our Facebook page.

The finale saw the whole year level drumming together, each and every student playing their part. It was an excellent metaphor for the year: the students had different beats to contribute, but all to one communal sound.

Upon arrival back at the College, the energy from the students was palpable, a sure sign that it was time well spent. The engagement and interactions staff observed from our Year 12 students provided genuine cause for optimism for the year ahead.

Greg Larwood
Senior Years Coordinator

Girls’ Achieve Day 2023

It was great to start our year with the resurgence of our Orientation Days for our Year 7 and 12 students, and our Girls’ Achieve Day.

We know that girls learn best when they are comfortable in their environment, and they have connections with the people around them.

Our Girls’ Achieve Day saw all students come together for the first time this year. We had much to celebrate as a community, in particular, the opportunity to once again participate in this special day.

Activities revolved around students’ Pastoral Care (PC) classes, House, and year level. The activities were designed to create interactions with each other, to laugh and have fun, get familiar with their environment, but most importantly, to help students connect with each other. As a result, the day was positively received by all students. For our existing students, it was an opportunity to re-connect after the break, and set the scene for the year to come.

Enrico Caprioli
Director of Pastoral Care