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Term 4 Week 1

Aboriginal Art Projects with Guest Artist

During Term 3, the Nunga Group had the privilege of working with Aboriginal Artist and Cultural Consultant in Residence – Nikki Carabetta-Baugh, who worked with the students for four hours a week over a period of five weeks to help create some amazing pieces of artwork.

Each student designed and painted a cross, telling a story about an important part of their life and culture. These crosses were presented at the official opening of the Tullow Centre, where they were blessed. Each cross will be placed in classrooms throughout the College.

Nikki taught students how to create jewellery using quandong seeds and gum nuts, basket weaving and correct techniques to use when dot painting. Students created some amazing pieces which were sold at Brigidine Day to raise money for charity.

In the final week of the project, students began the design process for Kildare House Shields. These shields will become an important feature for each of the Kildare Houses and will display the symbols of each house from an Aboriginal perspective. 

The students are very excited about working on this new project with Nikki when the Aboriginal Arts Project begins again next year.

Gabbi Rigney
Indigenous Support Officer

Catholic Schools Music Festival

Term 3 concluded with our wonderfully talented music students taking the Festival Theatre stage for the Catholic Schools Music Festival. 

Catholic Schools Music Festival is a fabulous event which has been running in Adelaide since 1989, and provides an incredible opportunity to celebrate and showcase students in music throughout Catholic Schools in South Australia. The opportunity to perform on the Festival Theatre stage is cherished and enjoyed by hundreds of students each year and it is a privilege to be involved. 

Our vocal ensemble, brilliantly lead by Morgan Bramble, and our band, under the fantastic direction of Russell McGlone, auditioned for the festival back in June and were offered a spot to perform the song ‘From Now On’ from the film The Greatest Showman.

Rehearsing for this performance has been an absolute joy, and it was clear that students enjoyed singing and playing this song and were very excited about performing it at the Festival.

Alongside Russell McGlone, two of our students were invited to play in the band for the Festival Choir. Grace Farina and Abby Jones had the honour of being the only students performing each night to accompany over a thousand students throughout the week and performed wonderfully, we are all very proud of their accomplishments.

Our Vocal Ensemble/Band beautifully performed on the Wednesday evening show and received amazing feedback from not only Kildare’s community, but also Principals and staff from other Colleges.

What an amazing success this year’s Festival was! We can’t wait to audition again next year.

Rebecca Mason
Music Support Officer

Images: Publicly source

Pushing Performance –
Year 9 Health and Physical Education

Our Year 9 Health and Physical Education students participated in weekly workshops with fitness trainers from Pushing Performance, which challenged the students to stretch themselves physically and metaphorically! 

Students engaged enthusiastically as they learnt about fitness components, training methods and training principles. They were faced with diverse movements, class and small group challenges with targets for each session. 

The practical sessions included training in the following areas: resistance, interval, flexibility, circuit, cross, plyometric, fartlek and continuous training. As with all practical subjects, theory plays a key role in students’ learning, and they were required to reflect and evaluate themselves, and others to identify areas of challenge and growth.  The students were smiling, encouraging each other and having a great time, while enriching their learning. They are to be commended on the improvement and development of their overall fitness. 

The trainers from Pushing Performance are to be highly praised for their energy, creative sessions, and passion throughout the term. We look forward to continuing to implement this program into the Year 9 Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

Alicia Whitton
Physical Education Curriculum Coordinator