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Tina Neate | Principal

Welcome to Term 2 and Kildare’s new communication platform – College Blog. The blog replaces the College Newsletter in its current form and will be a platform where we share content about what is currently happening around the College.  We are looking forward to sharing our news with you in this new way. 

Term 2 is where we welcome the energy of Autumn and Winter into our lives – a time of transformation and reflection. The brilliant colours of the leaves remind us of the wonder in our lives. Like the leaves falling away from their branches, with great grace, together we can let go and make way for new blessings. 

On Mother’s Day, as my family gathered at a local café for brunch, my mother gave me the biggest hug, as I have been keeping my distance to help protect my parents from Covid. Despite all my efforts, my mother and father got Covid anyway so when we saw each other it was so wonderful to reconnect with them because I have missed being with them.  

I am sure everyone has a similar story and hence this term, with the close contact rules changed and a further reduction in COVID restrictions for schools, we are now very much looking forward to bringing our community back together. 

At the Year 11 and 12 Formal, we danced the night away. It was a fabulous evening where our students ate, laughed, danced, and enjoyed being together after so many months of social distancing. Despite the Covid outbreak that followed, the students were incredible, and it was a beautiful evening celebrated by all. 

Our Kildare Mother’s Day breakfast was just delightful with many families attending. It was lovely reconnecting with some families. For us it was an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the unconditional love, nurturing, patience, selflessness, courage, and sacrifice that our families demonstrate each day for their children. 

The Tullow Centre is very close to completion. The building is just phenomenal and represents the future thinking and dynamic pathways that are possible for our students. We are continuing to reimagine opportunities for all our students so that they can find their place at Kildare and in the world. 

Wishing all students, staff, and families the very best for Term 2 and all the love and joy which comes from our hearts at this time. 

Many blessings always

Tina Neate | Principal

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