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Term 2 Week 7

Yippee Teepees

What do you do if you can’t take 130 Year 8 students on a three-day camp by the lovely, quiet and peaceful seaside? You fix your tiara with grace, humbly accept the 100th challenge Covid has presented to you, hire 130 teepees and throw a two-day party at school and all around Adelaide instead! Yippee!

Following far too many years of Covid interruptions, we were absolutely thrilled to come together to celebrate our very first Year 8 Sleepovers at Kildare College! 

A magical night made for the start of an exciting experience as the Year 8 students enjoyed our very first Year 8 Yippee Teepee Sleepovers. The College Hall and neighbouring classrooms were transformed into an enchanting space with gorgeous canvas teepees, beautifully dressed canopies, soft pillows, ambient lighting and bunting, and warm inviting rugs, complete with a big central gathering space – the perfect setting for making some wholesome connections.

The students were overwhelmed with joy and excitement, as they entered this captivating wonderland and eagerly settled themselves into their teepee villages before enjoying a BBQ dinner. Supported by our lovely Staff and Peer Support Leaders, they later enjoyed a myriad of post-dinner activities, including a Quiz and Movie Night.

The next morning saw lots of happy students springing from their teepees and ready to take on the day of adventure that lay ahead! Following a buffet breakfast at Cafe Primos, they happily boarded the buses and made their way to The Ice Arena and The Beach House for a fun-filled day of ice skating, water sliding, arcade games, dodgem cars, bumper boating and more! 

We are elated to share that both events were a huge and happy success! We would like to thank the House Leaders and our supporting Staff for helping to make our very first Year 8 Sleepovers a very memorable and magical experience for our students.

Here’s to many more magical moments for our Kildare Family! 

Angelica Paussa
Middle Years Coordinator

Year 10 Camp

Year 10 students boarded buses and headed up the freeway to the El Shaddai Campsite for three days and two nights of fun, challenging and bonding activities. 

Students embraced the opportunity to work together to meet a series of challenges that included a low ropes course, rock climbing, canoeing, vertical challenges, archery and the dreaded giant swing. The most exciting, and possibly scary part of the camp included holding Monty, the six-foot carpet python. Students participated in a quiz on the first night which included friendly rivalry and some fierce competition. 

Across many of the activities, it became clear that our students were going to get the most out of the experience with everybody giving the challenges a go. Above all it was excellent to see everyone offering words of encouragement to their peers, many pats on the back and high fives. Our second day finished off with a night walk and a movie night.

Students boarded buses for the long drive home, perhaps a little weary but hopefully proud of all they had accomplished over the 3 days in Wellington.

Dominic Ascoli
Delany House Leader

Reconciliation Liturgy

We are not made to live or be in isolation from others. Gathering with others is an important aspect of life and when we gather together it is a great symbol of strength and unity. 

For the first time since October 2021, the whole College community gathered to celebrate our Reconciliation Week Liturgy. Not only was the gathering in itself meaningful and joyous, but the message of standing in right relationship with each other, and especially our Indigenous brothers and sisters, was important to hear together. In this liturgy we were led by some of our Indigenous students and the support they received was life giving and reassuring that as a community we are united with each other.

Enrico Caprioli
Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission