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Term 3, Week 2 | 2023

This week, at our Academic Awards Assembly, we recognised the outstanding achievements of students from Semester One, and welcomed some very special guests to Kildare who included:

  • Her Excellency, her Honourable, Frances Adamson AC, Governor of South Australia to Kildare.
  • Rosemary Copeland and Kathy McEvoy, Co-Chairs, Trustees of Kildare Ministries
  • Jo Coonan, Chair of Kildare College Stewardship Council
  • Jamie Blowes, School Performance Leader, Catholic Education South Australia
  • Dana Wortley MP, Member of the House of Assembly for Torrens
  • Olivia Savvas MP, Member of the House of Assembly for Newland and Kildare College old scholar
  • Families and friends of our award recipients.

This wonderful occasion not only acknowledges academic excellence and endeavour but also instils a sense of motivation and determination among our students. Being able to celebrate the achievements of our students goes beyond just recognising their accomplishments; it creates a positive and supportive learning environment for all, where students know that their hard work and determination are valued. Our Academic Awards are presented to students who achieve excellent results across most of their subjects whilst the Endeavour Awards acknowledge students who have been recognised for their consistent effort and positive attitude towards learning.

We recognised our Year 11 Peer Support Leaders for all their work supporting the Year 7 students throughout Semester One as they transitioned into life at Kildare. We look forward to seeing them make a positive impact on the world in future years.

Her Excellency addressed the audience about her career as a diplomat and that courage takes many forms, providing an example of having to advise a Prime Minister of something they might not have wanted to hear. Her advice to the students was to start practising courage now, with little things, so that when the time comes they are equipped to be courageous when it really matters. Her Excellency also spoke about her experiences in different countries as a diplomat, and referred to a Chinese saying that women hold up half the sky, hence their place is at the table, not the back of the room. Her message was inspiring and challenged our students to find the thing that they love, pursue it and to keep going even when they don’t achieve their goals the first time. Her Excellency concluded by reminding our students she has seen how powerful it is when women help other women.

Thank you everyone who made the event a memorable occasion.

Tuesday evening marked an exciting milestone for our College as we hosted our inaugural Futures Fair, an event designed to provide insight and opportunities for our students’ future pathways. We are incredibly proud of the positive response it received from parents and students. The sense of unity and excitement in the air was palpable, and it affirmed the shared commitment of our community to nurture well-rounded individuals.

The Futures Fair was a unique event for families and students to engage with a diverse range of higher education providers and specialist employers. During the event, we ran an informational presentation on ‘Her SACE Journey,’ which aimed to empower our young women to explore and pursue their dreams and ambitions through the completion of their South Australia Certificate of Education (SACE). We delved into the process of SACE for each student, tracing their journey from the end of Year 9 to the end of Year 12. We presented on the subject selection process, the possibility of including Vocational Education Training into their subject choice, and how SACE differs from the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). The goal of this presentation was to inform students and families about the choices that they will be making throughout their daughter’s schooling, and to inspire our students to think deeply and reflect on their future pathways planning.

The higher education providers and specialist employers added immense value to the event. They shared with interested families, information about courses, scholarships, and support services available to students as they venture into tertiary education. Our students had the opportunity to ask questions, gain greater knowledge, and discover the many possibilities that await them beyond Kildare and the courses that they could study while completing their SACE. Many students left the event with arms full of brochures and merchandise, and an enthusiasm to learn more about the options available to them.

Our commitment to fostering an environment that empowers young women to dream big, be resilient, and embrace their unique passions remains steadfast. The Futures Fair has set a strong precedent, and we are eager to build on this foundation to continually improve and enhance future pathways planning opportunities for our students.

Once again, thank you to all the families who attended the event, and we look forward to continuing this journey together, guiding our students to ‘take their next step’.

The Year 12 Retreat was held in Week 1 of Term 3, set amongst the gum trees and fresh air of Nunyara Conference Centre in Belair.

The theme for this year’s retreat was ‘Know, Do, Be’ and it was an opportunity for our Year 12 students to come together to connect and reflect.

The three days were filled with a range of activities, small group challenges, sharing and personal reflection where students were able to know themselves more deeply, understand their infinite worth, reflect on their actions and believe in who they are. Some highlights of the retreat included a candlelit Remembering Ritual on night one, our Guest Speaker, Jenna With The Pink on day two and the opening of the Affirmation Bags on day three.

Jenna With The Pink, a Tik Tok influencer and Period Poverty Ambassador shared her own personal story of struggle in her teens and as a young adult, to finding her passion which has led to success. The room was a buzz with her activity and energy. Jenna’s presence was a turning point in the retreat and more authentic connections between the girls began to form.
The retreat was a memorable experience for students and staff alike, and I’m sure it will be a highlight of their Kildare College journey.