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Term 3 Week 8

Rise and shine…it’s House breakfast time!

With the usual hustle and bustle that is Term 3, The House Team recognised the need for students to have the opportunity to slow down and have a gentler start to the morning. In the interest of House spirit, what better way to do this than to share a meal as a House!

Over the past five weeks, each House has had the opportunity to gather in the morning to enjoy some good food, good music, and even better company. Students (and their PC teachers) enjoyed sharing a lovely breakfast of chocolate croissants, muffins, yoghurt, fruit, and juice together in the Dance Studio. 

It was wonderful to see the girls spend some quality time together at the beginning of the school day and take the time to ‘just be’ in amongst the many exciting events and busyness of this time of year.  Feedback from the students has been positive, as they have loved gathering together and having so many options for breakfast. 

Dominic Ascoli, Mohammad Jafari, Gabrielle Reyes, Anne Roberts, and Taymar Rowe
House Leaders

Women in Politics

Why women need to stand up and speak out.

Years 11 and 12 Student Leaders were invited to attend the Women in Politics event hosted by the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia.

Focusing on the role of women in parliament, with an emphasis on the importance of how women can use their voice to shape a future for the vulnerable, this event was a wonderful opportunity to hear the reasons why female leadership is powerful.

Joining students from other girls’ schools, we were able to hear the journeys from a panel of key figures in politics including Kildare Old Scholar Olivia Savvas MP, Hon. Heidi Girolamo MC, Andrea Michaels MP, Cr Hannah Evans, and Amy Ralfs A/Chief of Staff, Office of the Hon. Blair Boyer MP. Students were given the opportunity to consider what changes are still needed, how they can continue to support positive change and the importance of using their voice which can impact our ever-changing world.   

Emma Ward
Senior Years Coordinator

Interhouse Netball Tournament

Over the course of Term 3, Kildare College ran an Interhouse Netball Tournament during lunchtimes. This event has become a tradition at Kildare, where each house will fill a team and play in a round robin tournament. Students from Years 7 – 12 get involved in a variety of roles such as umpire, scorer and assistant coach. 

For every round, staff and students headed to the gym to witness their house pursue the glory and fame of winning the Interhouse Netball Championships! 

Despite the unpredictable weather, injuries and absences, Nagle, Brigid, Delany and Kildare made it to the finals! Nagle and Brigid had a very close game in a bid for 3rd position, with Nagle pulling ahead for a 7-4 lead.  

On Wednesday, we had the grand final with the very competitive Delany and Kildare battling it out for first position. Delany emerged as the victors with a triumph over Kildare 26-12. Congratulations to Delany!

We even enjoyed a half-time show, where Mr Jafari showed us his impressive aim and sunk a goal from the half court! 

Thank you to the energy and effort put into this event by all students and staff. Looking forward to our next Interhouse Event! 

Hayley Edwards 
Co-Curricular Sports and Activities Officer 

Primary School Visits

Engineering challenge reaches new heights!

Problem solving and critical and creative thinking are capabilities that Year 4 students from Saint David’s and Dernancourt Primary School developed while engaging in a hands-on STEM workshop led by the Year 9 STEM Leaders.  

The workshop was centred around a tallest paper tower challenge which engaged students to design, create, test, and evaluate how they could build a tall tower out of only 30 sheets of paper and 1 roll of tape. Being tall wasn’t the only criteria, the tower was also required to be sturdy enough to support a can of food for 30 seconds. The tallest tower, which could also support the weight, reached an impressive 104 cm! 

The Primary School students aren’t the only ones who are developing transferrable capabilities that future employers seek. The Primary Partnership initiative allows the Year 9 Kildare College STEM Leaders to develop themselves across The Australian Curriculum Personal and Social General Capability by cultivating leadership skills.

Julia Groutsch
Future Innovation Coach

Rolling Nutrition into Pizza 

Year 4 students from Saint David’s and Dernancourt Primary School developed the Australian Curriculum Capabilities of collaboration and communication, on a recent visit to the Kildare College kitchens. Students made a range of different pizza scrolls filled with their ultimate pizza toppings. Working in pairs with Year 11 Child Studies students supporting and informing them about the nutritional benefits of different vegetables. Students also learnt the difference between a chef and a serrated knife, and how to cut using a ‘sawing action’ to not squash their scroll shaped pizza.

These groups tasks allow the primary school students, as well as the Kildare students opportunities to learn how to develop and build connections with others of different age groups. The Year 11 Child Studies students gained valuable insight into how younger students respond to food choices whilst developing their cooking skills. 

Kara Steward
Visual Arts, Design and Technology Curriculum Coordinator