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Term 2, Week 10 | 2024

In our Year of Hope – bringing a sense of purpose – we are reminded that each new semester offers a chance to grow, learn, and make a positive impact. Our Core Values provide us with direction and clarity, forming the foundation of a community centred on kindness and support.

As we approach the end of Term 2, we take a moment to reflect on our achievements and learnings as we begin Semester 2. Although it is the end of the term, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for what the new semester will bring: new subjects, new ideas, and new energy.

Term 2 has been a remarkable journey of growth and learning for our students. Our Middle Years students have engaged in transformative activities, fostering teamwork, creativity, and self-awareness, laying the groundwork for developing compassionate, well-rounded individuals.

Our Senior Years students have equally thrived, participating in programs like the SAPOL Road Safety and Financial Literacy workshops, equipping them with essential life skills. These sessions prepare our students to make informed decisions and confidently approach the future. University presentations and guest speakers have also provided valuable insights into future career paths, helping our students plan their futures with clarity and purpose.

Our retreats and activity days have allowed our students to step back, reflect on their growth, and strengthen their bonds with their peers. These moments of reflection and connection are essential for fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

This year’s Dance and Music performance, La Nouvelle-Orléans, was exceptional. The students’ dedication, energy, and talent shone through in every act, captivating the audience and bringing the essence of La Nouvelle-Orléans to life. Endless hours of rehearsal were evident as the dancers demonstrated remarkable precision and expression, while the musicians delivered soulful and heartfelt renditions of classic songs. The seamless integration of dance and music highlighted the students’ versatility and commitment to their craft.

We sincerely thank you, our families, for your incredible support with all the preparations, rehearsals, and performances. The performance beautifully showcased the extraordinary talents of our students.

Thank you for an incredible term. Thank you for your ideas, dedication, laughter, and passion. We are a wonderful community, and each person is truly valued for what they bring to Kildare.

Best wishes,
Tina Neate

Our 2024 production of ‘La Nouvelle-Orléans’ was an extraordinary display of talent and dedication, leaving audiences spellbound. Over a two-day run, our gifted Performing Arts students transported us to the vibrant streets of New Orléans with electrifying performances that showcased their hard work and commitment this year.

From the first act, it was clear that the performers had poured their hearts into this production. Each scene, from the charming French Quarter to the mystical realms of Voodoo, was brought to life with incredible energy and passion. The talent on display was a testament to the countless hours of rehearsals and the dedication of every student involved.

Special congratulations to our cast; dancers who moved with grace and power; drama students who brought to life a spooky tale from the city of the dead; and musicians whose rhythms and melodies filled the room with the spirit of New Orléans. Your ability to convey the essence of the city was remarkable.

‘La Nouvelle-Orléans’ was a true celebration of diversity, expression, and the sheer joy of life, encapsulating our 2024 Core Value – Hope. The performers’ commitment to excellence shone through in every moment.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved for their hard work and support. You have made our 2024 production unforgettable. Bravo to each and every one of you!

The academic progress and achievements of our Senior Years’ students are complemented by the meaningful relationships they’ve built over their time at Kildare. We know that girls thrive when they feel connected.

This term, students received their Year 12 jackets and ties. Both occasions were times of celebration and fun as students learnt how to tie their ties and wear their jackets with pride. Students had fun reflecting on their childhood dreams by dressing up as their future selves and engaging in various community activities. There were Outdoor Ed camps, excursions to the Art Gallery, the Courts, and State Theatre just to name a few. 

Year 11 students experienced camaraderie during their Term 2 Retreat and bonded further through a friendly 10-pin bowling competition.  Visits to the Ice Arena, Cafe Culture excursions, participating in the Road Awareness Program, engaging in live theatre and other events enriched their learning and helped build deeper connections. 

Our Year 10 students spent three days at Mylor camp, engaging in outdoor activities that pushed them beyond their comfort zones and provided the opportunity to experience each other in a setting away from the constraints of the school day. Presented by the Counselling Team, students also learnt about Tiny Habits that can fill their cup, participated in workshops about financial literacy from  Talk Money and were educated through the SAPOL Road Safety session. 

While the term allowed the students to engage in a multitude of experiences, they also worked hard on their academic pursuits.  As Term 2 concludes, we are grateful for the spirit of our Senior Years’ students. We wish them a restful break and look forward to their return in Term 3 with renewed energy and positivity.