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Term 2, Week 8 | 2024

The inaugural Kildare College Mentors Breakfast was a resounding success!

Over 60 enthusiastic Years 11 and 12 students engaged in meaningful conversations with 22 remarkable Mentors. We welcomed back Old Scholars and community members from diverse professional backgrounds, to ensure all students had the opportunity to be supported by and learn from a Mentor in their field of interest. The Mentors provided guidance and inspiration while sharing their lived experiences in their respected profession.

The event featured two guest speakers, who are Old Scholars; Tania Ferraretto and Dr. Samantha Newell. Both speakers emphasised the importance of exploring various career paths and always remaining open to changes and feedback throughout one’s professional journey. Their speeches resonated with all students, and encouraged them to embrace flexibility and adaptability.

Positive feedback from both students and Mentors highlighted the event’s success. The Mentors Breakfast not only provided a platform for meaningful dialogue but also fostered connections that are pivotal in shaping the future aspirations of our young minds, and creating a beacon of hope for students as they navigate their final school years. 

Countless parenting experts all say it … that connection at school is the key to fostering a supportive and inclusive community and culture where students feel valued, heard, and empowered to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. As such, offering our students opportunities to reconnect with one another is a key priority in the Middle Years at Kildare, as evidenced by our Fun Activity Days.

This term, our students across all cohorts have enjoyed moments of camaraderie, laughter, and valuable connections. These excursions were not merely recreational outings, but opportunities for our students to engage with one another in meaningful ways outside the traditional classroom setting.

The Year 7 outing to the movies provided students with an avenue to bond over popcorn and plot twists. The bus ride to the movies and back became a lively forum for chatter and bonding, as friendships were forged, and laughter and singing filled the air, creating lasting memories beyond the screen.

The Year 8 cohort activities at Barossa Bowland encouraged teamwork, strategic thinking, and good sportsmanship, as they navigated through rounds of mini-golf and bowling. Strikes, spares, and endless laughter filled the lanes.

Similarly, the Year 9 excursion to Bounce promoted physical activity, risk-taking, and collaborative play in a dynamic environment. From foam pit dives to sky walk showdowns, students soared through the air with the grace of acrobatic ninjas, bouncing, flipping, and dodging their way through the challenge stations. 

As we reflect on these wholesome experiences, it becomes evident that our Fun Activity Days at Kildare not only provide moments of enjoyment, but also contribute to the holistic development of our students. Through shared experiences and collaborative endeavours, they are able to make lasting connections, develop essential life skills, and cultivate a sense of belonging within our College community.

These opportunities for connection offer our students more than just a break from the routine – they are also a celebration of friendship and the joy of being young. So, here’s to the memories made, the bonds forged, and the countless adventures that lie ahead. Until next time, let’s keep the laughter flowing and the friendships growing!

This semester, our students had the opportunity to participate in some exciting extracurricular activities across various year levels. 

The STEM Girls Academy Creative Challenge, in partnership with the University of South Australia, aims to ignite students’ passion for STEM through an interactive program. This challenge allowed students to enhance their STEM skills while tackling a real-world problem set by Fleet Space Technologies. They were fortunate to attend an excursion to Fleet Space, where they explored cutting-edge technologies in space exploration. Collaborating with students from other schools, they designed, prototyped, and presented their solutions to the problem about how to minimise the impact of bushfires in Australia.

Students also enjoyed the Science and Engineering Challenge, a competition organised by the University of Newcastle to provide students with a positive experience in science and engineering. Throughout the day, students engaged in various challenges, including bridge design, wind turbines, communications, fish traps, model gliders, and earthquake-resistant buildings. Competing against schools from across South Australia, our students had a wonderful time and achieved an impressive 6th place overall for their day of competition.

Well done to all the participants!