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Term 2, Week 6 | 2024

This year’s National Reconciliation Week theme, ‘Now More Than Ever,’ conveyed a powerful message, reminding us that the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples must continue with dedication and commitment. At Kildare College, we understand the importance of standing up, defending, and upholding the rights of First Nations peoples. This includes calling out racism and amplifying Indigenous voices. Our work in reconciliation is rooted in truth-telling and understanding our history through education. By engaging in these practices, we foster a deeper connection, respect, action, and change.

In celebration of National Reconciliation Week, our Nunga group, Living Justice Living peace group and Student Leaders came together to present an inspiring assembly. The students used this platform to educate their peers on the meaning of reconciliation, this year’s theme, and to give their heart felt responses on what reconciliation means to them. To make the assembly even more special, we were extremely lucky to be joined by Port Adelaide’s star forward and proud Yindjibarndi woman Gemma Houghton. Gemma shared stories about her culture and career leaving the students feeling inspired and motivated to achieve their goals and dreams. To conclude National Reconciliation Week, our College community generously contributed to our charity drive for the Happy Boxes Project. These donations will be sent to Indigenous women living in remote communities across Australia who otherwise go without.

As we reflect on our Core Value this year of Hope, we are reminded of its power to inspire and guide our efforts in reconciliation. Hope empowers us to envision a future where justice and equality are realities for all. It motivates us to act with compassion, understanding, and kindness towards everyone. ‘Now More Than Ever’, let us carry the message of hope and purpose into our daily lives. Let us be proactive in fostering understanding and justice for our First Nations peoples.

This year’s Senior Years Drama Production brought together six eclectic theatrical presentations that not only captivated but also entertained the audience showcasing the talent, ingenuity and stage presence of our students. Each piece moved the audience in a different way; with a collective gasp at the end of Game Theory, then giggling through The Committee as we all connected with being at a meeting, but not really being sure why we were there. Qwendolyn’s Gambit provided the perspective of a chess piece with the comedic portrayal of the chessboard drama, while Gypsy Robe took us on a dramatic journey backstage, giving us a glimpse into the intense and vibrant world, backstage.  The audience were laughing again watching Candi with an I, (did we mention it is Candi with an I), a comedic take on showbiz life, and the last piece, Controlling Destiny, as the characters put all their hopes (or lists) in a bottle and hope that destiny lends a hand. 

Our students poured their hearts into these performances, demonstrating remarkable dedication as they memorised lines, honed their characters, and brought each story to vibrant life. Their hard work and passion were evident in every scene, earning them well-deserved applause and admiration from all who attended.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our students and witness their incredible achievements. Your enthusiasm and encouragement are what make events like these so special.

This term has seen a multitude of Health and Physical Education opportunities presented to our students, including:

  • Statewide Knockout Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball and Football competitions
  • Stage 1 Ice Hockey
  • Stage 1 Bushwalking Expedition 
  • Stage 2 Health and Wellbeing Exhibition

The Stage 1 Bushwalking Expedition saw our Year 11 Outdoor Education students brave the cold conditions of Mount Crawford Forest, demonstrating excellent resilience, care, and support for one another over the course of the 3-day hike. This experience enabled the students to develop their bushcraft, self-reliance, and orienteering skills.

As part of their skill acquisition unit, our Stage 1 Physical Education students have been hitting the ice, developing their Ice Hockey skills, to enable them to analyse the connection between theory and practice. 

Our Stage 2 Health and Wellbeing students have been investigating the prevalence and trends of significant health issues that impact adolescents. At their recent Health and Wellbeing Expo, with Year 7 students, our Year 12 students presented this information and relevant strategies to support individuals with these health issues through engaging activities and resources.

Feedback from the Year 7 students was very positive including the comment: ‘Today was so much fun and the learning was so engaging, can we do more activities with the Year 12 students? They are so nice!’ 

This experience provided a positive experience for all involved, allowing our youngest and oldest students to foster connections and share in the joy of teaching and learning as a community.

Last month our students from all of our Kildare Ministries schools attended the First Nations Immersion Camp at the Billabong campsite, Echuca. Led by Renee Oberin, Director of Mission, this event provided an opportunity for students to experience an immersion in First Nations culture and spirituality. Students participated in walks on country lead by experienced First Nations rangers and engaged in forums with First Nations Elders and speakers, including creating artworks at St Joseph’s School Echuca.  Other activities included basket weaving and a reflection on Echuca wharf.

Many of the Elders were females from the community, who shared their personal understanding and experience on the land and the peoples of the area. They were able to give our students a first-hand account of life as an Indigenous person growing up in two very separate cultures with very different beliefs and values.

Feedback from students and staff indicated they valued the experience and gained a deeper understanding of the importance of Reconciliation and Australian history.