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Term 2, Week 8 | 2023

This practical subject, new to Kildare in Year 8 has not only fostered creativity but has also imparted essential lessons about producing a tangible product. Among the various subjects and disciplines, Material Solutions does stand out, due to the outcomes that students are able to produce.

With the use of laser cutting, hand sawing and belt sanders, students were able to produce a trinket box that showed a wide range of skills. The medium of wood allows a unique and different outlet for creativity with students being able to show their artistic flare with the lid design using Adobe Illustrator, cut into two different types of wood veneer. They learnt how to handle tools safely and efficiently, gaining proficiency in using hand saws, sanders, and various other woodworking implements.

Woodworking comes with a myriad of challenges that require students to think critically and find innovative solutions. From planning and designing to measuring and cutting, every step requires precision and attention to detail that is shown in their final outcome. Students learnt to visualise their ideas, identify potential issues, and troubleshoot problems along the way. This process fosters a proactive and analytical mindset, helping them develop problem-solving abilities that are applicable far beyond the field of woodwork.

These creations also showed students the importance of patience and perseverance. Creating a high-quality wooden product takes time and dedication. Mistakes and setbacks are inevitable, but students learnt to embrace them as valuable learning opportunities. These experiences instil a sense of pride and accomplishment when they have such a fantastic final product to take home. We look forward to Semester 2 with 3 more Year 8 classes starting this exciting learning experience. 

Embracing the Great Outdoors, Conquering Challenges, and Reflection and Growth.Recently our Year 11 Outdoor Education class embarked on a thrilling 3-day bushwalking camp to Mount Crawford, and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. 

Our journey began with anticipation and excitement as we arrived at Mount Crawford. Equipped with hiking clothes, backpacks filled with essentials and a sense of adventure, we set off on our first day’s hike. The trail wound through towering forests, enchanting gullies and presented glorious views. 

The second day proved to be physically demanding yet incredibly rewarding. As we ascended higher into the mountain range, the terrain became steeper, testing our endurance and resilience. After walking 15km, toasted marshmallows around the fire were a treat! 

The final day of our bushwalking camp offered us a chance to reflect on our experiences and personal growth as we finished the camp with a 4km stroll to our departure point. The camp allowed students to deepen their connections with each other and appreciate the value of teamwork and encouragement. The students did a fantastic job of preparing for camp, cooking their food and working in collaboration with one another. The Year 11 bushwalk camp to Mount Crawford, was an extraordinary adventure that allowed us to reconnect with nature, push our limits and foster personal growth.