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Term 2, Week 9 | 2023

Last week we witnessed an incredible blast from the past as our talented Dance and Music students transported us back to the 90s.

Live from Futures Entertainment Centre, audiences were shipped back in time on a nostalgic journey through the sights, sounds, and dance moves that defined a generation. Stepping into a time capsule of 90s iconic pop culture and music.

Over the course of three performances students showcased a high level of skill, energy, and enthusiasm that would make any 90s superstar proud.

Each piece paid homage to the decade’s legendary artists, from the smooth grooves of Whitney Houston to the powerful sounds of Lenny Kravitz ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’. We can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our incredible students and their dedication to their craft.

Countless hours of rehearsal and hard work went into making this production a success. A massive round of applause to our students and teachers who transported us back in time with charisma, and an infectious love for the 90s.  We couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of you!

Over the past few weeks, Kildare College has been involved in many Statewide Sports including basketball, netball, volleyball and soccer.  

Our Year 7/8 Soccer team, coached by Tara Piro, showcased their impressive skills and defeated the opposition in their first round of Statewide matches. 

Our Year 9/10 Soccer team was able to progress to the next round with wins over two opposition teams. The team was coached by two Year 11 students, Zariah and Marley.

In a thrilling display of athleticism and teamwork, Kildare’s Basketball team emerged victorious champions in a series of high-quality matches, showcasing their exceptional talent and determination. Led by their skilled coach, Martin Wockel, the Kildare team displayed unwavering dedication, resulting in their success.

Their journey to the top began with three challenging main round matches in which they emerged victorious in each encounter. However, it was the nail-biting clash against their next opposition that truly tested their determination. With the path to finals hanging in the balance, Kildare’s fate came down to a dramatic penalty. As the timer ended, an extra two minutes were granted, providing the team with an opportunity to secure victory by a single point. They advanced to the semi-finals, and in a closely contested battle, our basketballers’ exceptional teamwork propelled them to the Grand Final, where the team rose to the occasion and delivered a masterful performance to claim the Championship. 

“Once upon a time….”

As we know this is the traditional way most fairy tales begin! This was indeed not the case with the Year 9 Drama class’ melodramatic performance of Princess.

This mash up of a traditional fairy tale had it all, a cranky Dowager, a sweet natured Queen, a charming Prince Charming, a dastardly Chairperson, sugary sweet Princesses, a very green frog consultant and menacing Stepmothers. And along for the ride was the Pea Princess who kept turning up in the wrong play!

Princess was a play which allowed our Year 9s to explore melodramatic acting, work on audience engagement and build an extremely close-knit ensemble over the course of this past term.

Kildare students performed at two local primary schools, Dernancourt Primary and Hillcrest Primary. It was an absolute delight to perform to the grade 3 and 4 students and their teachers at these two schools. Our Year 9 actors learnt how to connect with their audience – students and teachers alike and have a wonderful time performing to such enthusiastic primary school students. Now sadly, the Pea Princess never found her pea, however Prince Charming did find his one true love. And as we know, you can not judge a book (or a dog) by its cover!

We were also delighted to see Primary Schools at our Production of ‘Planet 90s’. Over 450 students watched the show, and it was wonderful to hear their reactions to the performances.