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Term 3 Week 3

Our Future Entrepreneurs!

As part of their learning through Activate, an entrepreneurial learning program facilitated in partnership with Future Anything in Year 9 PBL, all students were involved in the inaugural Enterprise Display. This allowed students to make their products public, and showcase their creative and innovative business ideas that make the world a better place.

Making their products public is an essential step in the Project Based Learning cycle as they allow student work to become discussible; other students, teachers, and the wider community are involved, transforming the students’ work into food for thought. 

Julia Groutsch 
Future Innovation Coach

Visual Arts Week 

“Forget yourself. Become with eternity. Become a part of your Environment” Yayoi Kusama

This week across the College students have been involved in many different Visual Art activities, centred around the Japanese Artist, Yayoi Kusama. A group of students from Years 7-12 were immersed in Yayoi’s instillation piece, ‘The Spirits of the Pumpkins Descend into The Heavens’ on display at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Students also visited the MOD Gallery exhibition, ‘Reveal the Unseen, Discover Invisibility’ which explored ideas around the constant cameras watching society, as well as how Visual Art can express contemporary issues such as deep time, and the connection we have with where we live.

As Yayoi, the focus Artist is known for her immersive polka dot instillations, students were able to explore this by painting an instillation art piece, taking photos with polka dot inspired filters, drawing Yayoi’s famous dot mushrooms and be a part of adding to a stand-in wall mural. Visual Arts Week was a chance for students to meet and connect with others who are interested in this diverse and creative learning area. The area of Visual Arts allows students to reflect critically on their own experiences as well as discover how they can express and communicate these through the many forms that are Visual Art. 

Kara Steward
Art, Design and Technology Curriculum Coordinator

Where do saplings go to learn? Elementree school! 

In celebration of National Tree Day, the Environmental Club spent a (back breaking!) morning planting 30 native saplings and 5 native young trees. Some of the enchanting species include River Bottle Brush, Wattle, Acacia, and Silky Tea Tree. We sourced the plants from a local native plant nursery, Provenance Indigenous Plants located in Salisbury.

As well as planting, the students also discovered various creepy crawlies and learnt about the health of our soil. Our new plants are located at the end of the oval along Mercedes Drive. Keep an eye out for the beautiful plants as they flourish over the years to come and bring in various native wildlife and pollinators.  

We would like to thank Andrew, the visiting Year 12 students and the students and staff involved in making our school grounds a more biodiverse environment.  

Nicole Martin
Science and STEM Coordinator

Linda Dolling
Living Justice | Living Peace Coordinator
The Environmental Group