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Term 3 Week 5

Engineering and Design Process with Jewellery 

During Term 3 in STEM, our Year 7 cohort is using the engineering and design process to create a contemporary piece of jewellery that is inspired by a myth, fairy tale or folklore that they have learnt about in English. We know that new ideas emerge in bursts of inspiration, or as the result of luck or talent, however, creative solutions to problems in STEM often have more to do with the process. This design process engages students and helps give them strategies to tackle challenges through exploration, creation, evaluation, improvement and reflection. Using the design process is important, as it will help students become better problem solvers for the future. 

Students participated in an intense skills week, learning about the different types of jewellery-making techniques and how to use different media. Some of these include: 

  • Ring making
  • Polymer clay 
  • Resin
  • Sawing 
  • Stamping

These jewellery pieces will be on display for families to see during the PBL exhibition in Term 4. Make sure you keep an eye out for details during the upcoming months. 

Nicole Martin
Science and STEM Curriculum Coordinator 

Let your light shine!

The Year 11 Retreat was a wonderful opportunity for the students to step out of their ordinary routines and experience a day of personal and spiritual reflection, fun and friendship.

The theme; ‘Let your light shine!’ provided a focus for students to reflect on their past experiences through various activities, to understand the person they are today and discern about the person they want to become.

Students were encouraged to believe in themselves, now and always. They were, however, also encouraged to believe in others. If we are to shine, we should also encourage others to shine.

The story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman, taken from the Gospel of John, helped students enter into a spiritual reflection and know a God loves them unconditionally.

It was fantastic to see the Year 11 students participate in the various activities throughout the day. Their cooperation and response during the day made it an incredibly life-giving experience for all that were there.

Enrico Caprioli

Book Week – Dreaming with eyes open…

The Book Week theme for 2022 is “Dreaming with eyes open…” which has been happily embraced by the students and staff at Kildare College. Students have taken part in activities in the Resource Centre at lunch times that gave them opportunities to show their creativity and artist flair. They decorated and assembled dreamcatchers with colour and sparkle, taking them home to hang above beds and capture all their best dreams. Chalk pastels were used to blend colours in the creation of art pieces showing dreamscapes, the landscapes and settings of our dreams. 

Working together, the students also completed “I Spy” puzzles and find-a-words, testing their skills in observation. The costume parade was the highlight of the week with many group costumes representing favourite book characters. From classics to fun children’s picture books, there was an amazing array of characters on display. 

Best costume was awarded to Hannah and Rebekah for “Spirited Away” characters, with runner up prize to Angelina and Jade for “DemonSlayer” characters. Best group costume was awarded to a group of Year 12 students who dressed as characters from “Gangsta Granny”. Competition for best teacher costume was close but finally awarded to Mr Northway dressed as Forrest Gump.

So much fun was had by all the students and staff during Book Week as we celebrated our love of books and reading at Kildare College.  

Joanne La-Forgia
Resource Centre Manager