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Term 3 Week 6

Kildare Celebrates Father’s Day!

On Friday morning we welcomed dads and significant male carers and their daughters to our inaugural Father’s Day breakfast where they enjoyed croissants, muffins and fruit juice. It was a wonderful morning and lovely to make connections and to see so many people join us. It has been such a long time, since we have been able to have families on campus. 

Our guests also had a special tour of the Tullow Centre and were wowed by all the opportunities on offer for our students. In celebration of Father’s Day, our Parents and Friends Committee organised a Father’s Day Raffle. Congratulations to the lucky winners who won vouchers, beverages, treats and more. Thank you to all who supported our raffle and breakfast.

A special thank you to Vinnies Fruit and Veg who donated the fruit for our breakfast.

Michelle Camilleri
Deputy Principal

Waste Movement

“To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there’s no such thing as perfect.” – Alexandar Calder, Kinetic Artist 

To kick off their next project, ‘Kinetic Art’ for PBL, all Year 9 students engaged in a workshop with renowned local artist, Jimmy Dodd.

Students were introduced to the concepts of creating a piece of kinetic art, while problem-solving their way through wiring up a DC geared motor to a power source, to connect to wheels, pulleys, and camwheels to enable their creations to exhibit different motions; reciprocal and rotary. The focus of the project is on sustainability and involves students repurposing fast fashion items into an aesthetically pleasing moving art piece, blending concepts from art and physics. 

Julia Groutsch, Rebecca Sarvas and Nicholas Kellett-Southby
Future Innovation Coaches

Ready, Set, Pitch

“Your heart must always be in it. That’s part of an entrepreneur’s DNA.” – Barbara Corcoran

Developing entreprenurial skills within our students is part of Kildare College’s commitment to delivering an innovative and engaging curriculum that students can have agency in. The Future Anything Program, facilitated through the Year 9 Project Based Learning (PBL) course allows students to create a business that makes the world a better place, while encouraging the use of future ready transferable capabilities and skills.

Following in-class presentations, student selected businesses, participated in the College Shark Tank presentations. The judging panel noted the extremely high standard of all presentations, and presenters, and congratulates all students for their dedication to wanting to make the world a better place by addressing an important issue in our society. Additionally, the students demonstrated a deep connection and understanding of the College’s Core Values and the Kildare Ministries Living Justice, Living Peace Charter through their enterprise.

Each social enterprise had great merit, and all were very worthy contenders. Congratulations to Lara Ridley and Glory Joseph who were named College Champions for 2022 with their respective social enterprises, ‘Just to let you know you’re not alone’ and ‘My Crown’s Heart’. Lara created reusable cutlery sets that have quotes laser engraved into the handles to support people with Eating Disorders. Lara has also received interest in her business from The Women’s and Children’s Hospital and The Butterfly Foundation. Glory created silk hair bonnets to maintain hair hygiene of homeless individuals when sleeping. However, unlike traditional silk hair bonnets, it also has a round pillow like cushion that is placed within the top part of the bonnet to provide comfort and increase sleep quality. 

We are all very proud of all the students and thank their PBL teachers for their hard work behind the scenes. We will now move on to the next stage and compete with other schools. We wish the students who have entered, all the best in the National Finals.

Julia Groutsch, Rebecca Sarvas and Nicholas Kellett-Southby
Future Innovation Coaches