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Term 3, Week 6 | 2023

Happy Father’s Day!

This morning we welcomed over 85 fathers, grandfathers and male caregivers to our second annual Father’s Day Breakfast held in the Brigidine Centre gymnasium. It was a beautiful event, where families could decorate a wooden photo frame made at Kildare College, especially for the event, or just chat over some warm croissants, fruit, yoghurt and tea or coffee. Tina Neate opened a short presentation with some dad jokes that were well received. Dads and daughters reflected on what they mean to each other and what they love about each other. 

We really enjoyed having our families with us to begin Father’s Day celebrations and acknowledge the gift of our fathers, grandfathers and male caregivers. We also remember our families whose fathers have passed away and we send our prayer and thoughts to you all.

Sports have a unique way of bringing people together, fostering teamwork, and pushing individuals to achieve their best. This sentiment was no different for Kildare’s Year 9 Netball team as they embarked on a remarkable journey to Bendigo for the Schools in Action National Netball Challenge. A three-day competition that tested their skills, teamwork, and perseverance; this event was a testament to their dedication and passion for the sport.

With spirits high and excitement filling the air, we set off on our journey to Bendigo.  As the competition kicked off, Kildare’s netball stars showcased their skills on the court. With every game, they demonstrated not only their skillset but also their unwavering teamwork and commitment. The three-day event was a whirlwind of matches, each one a chance for the team to shine and leave their mark on the tournament.

Throughout the competition, Kildare’s Year 9 Netball team experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. They secured victories in three hard-fought games, showcasing their strategic gameplay and unyielding teamwork. These wins were a testament to their training and dedication, and they served as a source of inspiration for the entire team.

However, the journey was not without its challenges. The team faced formidable opponents, some matches testing their resilience to the core. In the end, they experienced two defeats before finals, each one a lesson in perseverance and the art of bouncing back stronger. These setbacks only fuelled their determination to improve and give their all in the next game.

With their heads held high and their spirits undaunted, Kildare’s Year 9 Netball team came just shy of the bronze medal match by a mere two goals. The narrow margin served as a reminder of the fine line that often separates victory from defeat in competitive sports. As the team journeyed back on a Thursday, the memories of the competition lingered on. The journey was about more than wins and losses; it was about the friendships forged, the lessons learned, and the growth as athletes and individuals.

On Tuesday the Year 11 students ventured to the Norwood Function Room for their Retreat. The weather was glorious and the scene picturesque, as they engaged in hands on activities overlooking Norwood  Oval. 

The theme of the day was ‘Shine’ and the activities centred around understanding their strengths in order to shine their light on the world just Jesus taught us in the Gospel of Matthew. The day was full of connection and the room was a buzz, as they decorated their own lanterns, searched through magazines to create a collage and created keepsakes that represent their thoughts and feelings at this point in their schooling journey. 

The Year 11 Retreat was a welcomed opportunity to take a breath from the busyness of school and reconnect with their creativity. The students were grateful for the experience to connect with their peers and reflect on their sense of self, whilst enjoying a day out in the sunshine.