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Term 3, Week 7 | 2023

Wednesday was a truly special day at Kildare College as we had the privilege of welcoming back our first Teacher in Charge in 1966, Sr Moira Broderick csb.

Sr Moira, who played an instrumental role in shaping the foundation of our College, returned to present to our community, and share her wisdom and insights of the beginning of Kildare’s history 57 years ago. She recounted how Kildare was a ‘buzz’ even when there were only 30 students and one staff member; Sr Moira. Her speech was inspirational and reminded our community of the importance of determination, resilience, and the journey of learning.

She shared with our community some incredible memories of the beginning of Kildare College, including:

  • The students and I spent our first day at the College looking at the features of our new building, its large hall space and four classrooms spanning off and a bathroom and tuck shop to complete the scene
  • In 1966, from up the hill, as far as we could see, new homes and new streets were emerging around Kildare and many new neighbours asked about the new school.
  • The College officially opened on 13 March 1966. Archbishop Gleeson DD came to a packed Hall of families, friends, other colleagues from Catholic Colleges, Brigidine Sisters, Hillcrest, St Pius X Primary School and of course our 30 Kildare students.
  • The enthusiasm for each day at Kildare was engaging us on a journey and this was to be the legacy that those first 30 students gave to Kildare.
  • The second half of 1966 into early 1967, saw the Science Rooms constructed and later that year officially opened. A new phase in Kildare’s education span began.
  • In so many ways, from small things to bigger things, the life of Kildare always seemed to have positive and exciting ventures from our first Tennis and Netball courts between the school building and convent, to preparing a softball triangle among thistles in full bloom long before an oval! Sr Moira also shared a passionate memory; that in March 1967, Kildare students took to the stage at the Youth Drama Competition, before a packed theatre to perform “The Tempest”, a Shakespeare play. Performing for a total of 20 nights over three weeks, they were awarded winners of the Festival of the Arts occasion and were pictured on The Advertiser front page the next day (pictured below).

Discovering familiar and new areas of the College, Sr Moira toured Kildare and was amazed at its growth. She toured the Tullow Centre, Brigidine Centre and other parts of the College, admiring how the College has developed over the years. The Administration building was a particularly heartwarming moment, as it was once the convent, where Sr Moira and the other Brigidine Sisters lived. Sr Moira also explained to our community how the first Kildare sign was afforded by various fundraisers with the success of the 14 letters being installed on 6 July 1966 (pictured below behind Sr Moira). 

She shared how proud she was to be at Kildare on Brigidine Day for 2023; thanked all our Brigidine Sisters who have been a part of Kildare over the past 57 years and blessed all in our community with peace, pride and joy for the future.

We are immensely grateful for Sr Moira’s dedication to education and her continued support for our College and thank her, and her sister, Angela, for also coming to Kildare.

Brigidine Day is an opportunity to reflect on our rich heritage and tradition, of not only our College, but also the work of St Brigid, and the Brigidine Sisters. It is a way of connecting the past, present and future and this was evident from the anecdotes of our guest speaker, Sr Moira Broderick, the first Teacher in Charge of Kildare College. We were honoured that she could visit Kildare and share her inspirational and heartwarming reflections on the foundation years of our College which began in 1966.

Days such as this help to foster a sense of community and fun. The day was filled with a variety of House, Year Level, and whole school activities which reinforced our call to be a community.  We also had the pleasure of welcoming Father John for the first time to Kildare, who celebrated Mass with our community. The resounding message throughout the Mass was, “Be Bold, Be Brave”. 

Following lots of different activities, our students from all backgrounds and year levels came together to showcase their amazing talents during the K Factor performances. The performers’ courage and vulnerability touched everyone’s hearts, showing that we can all appreciate each other’s unique journeys and build strong bonds within our College. 

A standout moment came from our Year 12 students, whose sensational performance featured impressive choreography and remarkable unity—truly embodying the lively spirit of Brigidine Day.

A great day was enjoyed by everyone. 

At Kildare, students are at the heart of everything we do. Every year The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) hosts National Child Protection Week. The overarching theme of the organisation is that ‘Every Child in Every Community needs a Fair Go’, with the 2023 focus being ‘Where we Start Matters’. The following link provides information about resources, events, programs and training: NAPCAN

Kildare College takes Child Safeguarding seriously with 3 designated Child Safeguarding officers who include Michelle Camilleri, Deputy Principal, Enrico Caprioli Director of Pastoral Care and Melissa Gartner, Counsellor, however every staff member is aware of their responsibility to look after our students and report any child safeguarding concerns. Kildare has a Statement of Commitment to Child Safeguarding which can be found below.

If you have any concerns about child safeguarding or if you are not sure whether you need to let us know, please contact the College. Please know that all information shared will be treated with the utmost sensitivity.