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Term 4, Week 1 | 2023

Welcome to Term 4, a time of transition and celebration at Kildare College.

As we step into the final term of the year, we cannot help but reflect on the journey we have had and the exciting moments that lie ahead. Next week, we start the Year 12 celebrations as we bid farewell to the Class of 2023, marking the end of their school journey and the beginning of new adventures. 

This week, we warmly welcomed the Trustees of Kildare Ministries, our governing body. This visit, which takes place every four years, is a unique opportunity for the Trustees to immerse themselves in the Kildare community, gain insights into our collective goals, and understand the inner workings of the College. The day was filled with exploration, community building, and delectable treats prepared by our talented Year 10 Food and Hospitality class. 

During their visit, the Trustees focussed on various aspects of the College. They delved into the Masterplan initiatives, gaining an understanding of where these developments will take place at Kildare. The Trustees sought to gain insights into our future direction, funding challenges, demographics, and enrolments. They were keen on understanding how Kildare expresses the Vision, Mission, and Values of Kildare Ministries and their presence allowed them to connect deeply with the College’s environment and community. 

A highlight identified by the Trustees, was the opportunity to interact with our College Captains for 2023, Jessica and Zahra, and our Prefects, Tamsyn, Emily, Megha, Abigael, Ivana, and Grace. Over morning tea, they engaged in meaningful conversations and heard the voices of our students on various topics, solidifying our commitment to a student-centred approach. 

This visit was a joyful occasion, allowing us to showcase the vibrant spirit of Kildare College and share our exciting plans for the future, including the much-anticipated Performing Arts Centre. It reaffirmed the strong bonds within our community and our dedication to providing an exceptional education for our students. 

As we embark on this final term, we are filled with gratitude for the past and anticipation for the future. The Trustees reminded us of the unique spirit and commitment that defines Kildare College, and we are excited to continue our journey towards excellence. 

As part of the Girls in Engineering Challenge run in partnership with CESA and the University of South Australia, the students had the opportunity to visit Fleet Space Technologies. The students had a fantastic day exploring and learning about space technologies including nanosatellites, communications and mineral technologies. The students explored the applications of using 3D printing to build satellites and learnt from industry professionals about the future of these space technologies. Next term, students will be involved with an engineering and design challenge involving space and the knowledge learnt today and they will be tasked with creating a solution to this problem. 

This week at Kildare was Maths Week and we have been celebrating all things Mathematical. Through activities in morning PC, lunchtime and throughout class we hope to encourage students to explore different aspects of mathematics and the ways in which mathematical concepts can be applied beyond the classroom. Students have had the opportunity to build a rhombic dodecahedron, create art using tessellations, design and build a bridge, explore shapes through origami, challenge themselves to complete puzzles and sit back and admire the feats of female mathematicians in the movie Hidden Figures.  

In morning PC students have been encouraged to have some fun with maths and join in trivial pursuit, sudoku, maths games, bingo and a number scavenger hunt. There has also been a keen competition between PCs to estimate the weight of jars of jellybeans and MnMs, and the winner is Delany C. Congratulations also to Catherine P, the winner of the individual category. 

The week has also featured the popular World of Maths incursion for Year 7 classes which involved the students investigating hands-on mathematics. Year 7 and 8 also flexed their mathematical skills in the inaugural House Challenge with Year 7 Delaney and Year 8 Chanel gaining the Championship title. Finally, our Year 10 students demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills in the running of market stalls as part of the $20 Boss program. 

We hope the Kildare students were inspired by the range of activities on offer throughout Maths week.