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Term 3, Week 10 | 2023

Adolescence is the springtime of creativity and possibility. Embrace the bloom.

As we approach the conclusion of Term 3, thank you again for always believing in Kildare.  

This term has been filled with so many fantastic events and opportunities. As we experience a post-Covid world, we have the chance now to rekindle, rejoice, and participate in many events that enhance our sense of belonging.  

This term has been rich in events with many excursions, camps, Catholic Schools Music Festival, a Social and our Sports Day last Friday.  

Sports Day

Many families shared with me how happy they were that we persevered with our Sports Day after it had been postponed twice. We strongly believe that these occasions are the ones that students remember fondly when they leave school. They also serve as binding threads that weave our community together, offering connection, a nurturing community spirit, and a sense of unity. We sincerely thank our incredible P & F for their help and support with the barbecue during the day and also thank you to all the families who attended – it was wonderful to see you.

Year of Courage – In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. Adolescence is a time of transformation and endless possibilities – Sun Tzu  

In our Year of Courage, where speaking and acting with integrity guides our words and actions, this Core Value fosters mutual respect and collaboration within our College community. With exciting new experiences on offer, we acknowledge that the adolescent years also entail a rollercoaster of emotions, the intricacies of forging genuine friendships, and a continuous learning process. The journey through adolescence can be challenging, but it’s also a period of incredible resilience and growth whilst the students find their passions, purpose and place in the world.

Our role at Kildare, together with you, is to provide continuous support to our students, your daughters, as they make safe choices, engage in their learning journeys, and embrace every opportunity that comes their way.  

Happy Holidays

We wish you a very safe and happy Term 3 break. When we return, it will be time to farewell our Year 12 students as they start to prepare for final assignments, examinations and think about life after Kildare. We are grateful for your support with all we do together at Kildare.

Yesterday was our Cultural Celebration Day!

Students and staff came to school dressed in traditional cultural clothing, colours of their national flag, sporting apparel representing their country of origin and culturally significant accessories. 

Celebrations began with an assembly, that included an acknowledgement of the many cultures and peoples in our community, greetings in different languages and a moving Japanese dance by one of our Year 7 students.

Throughout the day, students engaged in Aboriginal Dot Painting, Indian Mandalas, Greek Dancing, Japanese Paper Cranes, Latin Dancing, Chinese Lanterns and Henna.

Various cultural foods including bubble tea, Lebanese sweets, Bushtucker icecream and sushi added to the fun of the day.

It was a wonderful day to finish the term and we thank the Chai and Chat, Nunga and Living Justice | Living Peace Groups for all of their work to make this day such a success.

Money raised will go to the Australian Refugee Association and we thank everyone for their support.

Benefits beyond the Physical

Year 9 students have embarked on a thrilling fitness journey throughout Term 3. Under the expert guidance of Pushing Performance, a program specially designed to promote health and fitness, students have been participating in weekly training sessions. Each week, a new training method is introduced, making this fitness unit a dynamic and engaging experience. 

The Year 9 fitness unit is more than just a traditional gym class. It’s a holistic approach to fitness that aims to introduce students to a wide range of training methods and activities, fostering an appreciation for diverse ways to stay active and healthy. The Year 9 fitness unit is not just about rigorous workouts, it’s about making fitness enjoyable and sustainable to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Pushing Performance incorporated a variety of activities and challenges to keep students motivated and engaged. From friendly competitions to circuits and themed workout sessions, every week brought something new and exciting.

Exploring Nature’s Classroom

Nestled amidst the natural splendour of South Australia, lies Kuitpo Forest, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and a perfect destination for Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp. This immersive two-day, one night camp allowed students to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the tranquility of the forest. Armed with Trangia’s, rucksacks, knowledge from class activities and a spirit of adventure, Kuitpo forest provided an unforgettable backdrop for an educational and exhilarating experience. 

In Year 9 HASS, our students recently embarked on an exciting journey through time, delving into the captivating history of Australia’s colonisation. Thanks to the History Trust of South Australia’s ‘Museum in a Box’ program, our young historians engaged in hands-on learning experiences that transported them back to a pivotal period in our nation’s past through a remarkable collection of artefacts and resources.

The ‘Museum in a Box’ program provided an immersive experience, encouraging our students to explore the diverse perspectives and contrasting histories of colonisation in South Australia, New South Wales, and First Nations communities. The program’s central question, “What was planned, who was involved, and what was the result of the colonisation of Australia?” set the stage for an enriching learning journey.

Our Year 9 students had the privilege of examining a treasure trove of historical artefacts, including surveying tools, maps, artworks, tickets of leave, and Kaurna foods. These items allowed them to connect with the past in a tangible way, fostering a deeper understanding of the impacts of colonisation on various communities.

The program also provided supporting materials that guided students through exploring the differences and similarities in perspectives, ideas, and experiences of colonisation in SA and NSW. This hands-on experience was not just about looking at artefacts; it was about understanding the stories they told, the people behind them, and the broader context that shaped our nation’s history.

Moreover, the ‘Museum in a Box’ program enriched our students’ development of source analysis skills. They were encouraged to select areas of personal interest and conduct in-depth analyses of the sources, diving into the broader context and multiple perspectives surrounding each artefact. This critical thinking and analytical approach empowered our students to think like historians and engage with history on a deeper level. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to engage with these important artifacts and enrich our understanding of history, recognising the significance of preserving and sharing the stories of Australia’s past. As we navigated this sensitive topic, we did so with the utmost respect for the traditional owners of the lands on which we live and learn. This experience has expanded our historical knowledge and reinforced the importance of acknowledging and honouring the Indigenous peoples who have been custodians of this land for millennia. As we reflect on this invaluable educational opportunity, we are grateful for the chance to engage with such important artefacts and to enrich our understanding of history. The ‘Museum in a Box’ program was a powerful reminder that history is not just a subject in a textbook; it’s a living, breathing narrative that shapes our world today.