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Term 4, Week 4 | 2023

We congratulate our STEM Making A Difference (MAD) Year 8 students, Bianca Lagana, Sophie Polkinghorne and Prabhjit Kaur, who recently attended the National STEM MAD Showcase, held in Melbourne at the Catholic Leadership Centre. This showcase presented some of the best STEM projects from students across Australia. 

Our students presented their outstanding project which was a Specialised Air Purifying Ecosystem which works to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in populated areas. Excitingly, our students placed in the Top 3 for the STEM MAD National Secondary finals and they won the Inspired By Nature Category for Secondary Schools.  

It was a fabulous trip where the students were able to present their project to all schools around Australia, including other students, principals and representatives from various Catholic Education Dioceses. Throughout the showcase the students highlighted the design thinking framework process which they undertook and demonstrated their working prototype. Students were exemplary ambassadors for Kildare College and demonstrated their creativity, STEM skills, and teamwork. The students also finished in top place in the Aviation STEM Challenge they participated in on the day, creating the fastest model aeroplane out of all the secondary schools.  

We are extremely proud of the students, who hope to inspire other students in the field of STEM and who endeavour to make a positive difference in our world. Well done girls! 

The Visual Arts and Design Technologies Learning Areas are excited about the upcoming end-of-year exhibition happening in the Tullow Centre after school on 21 November 2023. 

Students will be showcasing their works from a range of subjects including; Visual Art, Design, Material Solutions – Timber, Metal and Textiles, Photography, Information Technology, Information Processing and Publishing, Media Studies and Child Studies. These pieces range in mediums and styles showing the diverse range of our talented students from Years 7-12. SACE products will also be on display.

There will also be light refreshments made by the Year 9 Food and Hospitality classes as well as the Year 10 Cafe Culture class. We invite families to join us anytime between 3.30-6.30pm to share in the displays of amazing abilities of these students.

When it comes to Physical Education, hands-on experiences can be a game-changer in understanding the core concepts of biomechanical principles, factors influencing participation and transfer of skills. Recently, the Year 11 PE students have been learning hockey and embarked on an excursion to explore ice hockey. This unique topic and excursion was not just about having fun, but an opportunity to dissect and compare the two sports from an analytical perspective.

Under the guidance of Australian hockey players, our students enriched their understanding of the biomechanical principles that underpin ice hockey. They got firsthand experience of the intricate balance between force, motion, leverage and skill that is essential for success on the ice. It was an eye-opener to see how these principles apply to every move on the rink, from the perfect shot to the art of balance in the skating. 

As part of their physical activity investigation, our students also explored the factors influencing participation in ice hockey and indoor hockey. They discovered the role of equipment, culture and accessibility in these two sports; a unique and inclusive experience for everyone. Additionally, the students compared ice hockey to indoor hockey, focusing on biomechanical aspects, participation factors and the transfer of skills. This allowed them to draw insightful similarities and differences between the two sports.