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Term 4, Week 5 | 2023

On Tuesday 14 November, we welcomed grandparents and family of our Years 7 and 8 students to Kildare College for breakfast.

Our guests were welcomed by our Principal, Mrs Tina Neate and this was a great opportunity for grandparents, or a significant person in the life of the student, to spend the morning together in her place of learning. It provided an opportunity to see Kildare’s facilities, including the Tullow Centre and meet some teachers and friends.

Overall, the morning was a great success. There was a great buzz of excitement by the girls who cherished the chance to show their grandparents their school and the grandparents enjoyed the opportunity to spend some quality time with their girls.

This week, Kildare College students immersed themselves in a diverse array of activities during Physical Education Week. From the rhythmic fusion of ‘Badminton and Beats’ to the serene flow of yoga, the week encapsulated the essence of holistic well being.

A spirited scavenger hunt had students exploring every nook of the campus, fostering teamwork and problem solving skills. The mind was also put to the test with a lively quiz, covering topics from nutrition to famous athletes. Archery and bocce brought a mix of precision and strategy to the table, adding a layer of excitement to the physical engagement.

Some students engaged in an SANFL clinic where they developed their AFL skills under the guidance of expert coaches. PE classes participated in yoga sessions run by MissFIT Movement, highlighting a different dynamic to fitness.

Undoubtedly, the Smoothie Bikes stole the spotlight, combining fitness and nutrition as students pedalled their way to refreshing smoothies. The interhouse volleyball grand final kept the adrenaline pumping, showcasing the competitive spirit of the College community. As the week concluded the middle years’ students participated in a range of physical activities.

The overarching goal of PE week at Kildare College was clear: to promote a healthy lifestyle by engaging students in various physical activities. Beyond the fun and games, the week underscored the importance of staying active and fostering a culture of wellbeing among the students, leaving a lasting impact on their approach to health and fitness.

Over the past two weeks, Kildare has welcomed the families of our 2024 Year 7 students to a Parent Information Evening as well as our students to their second transition experience.

These significant events have provided families and their daughters an insight into life for a Kildare student, meeting Peer Support Leaders and many of the staff, as well as making many new connections along the way.

There was ample opportunity for our visiting students to make new friends and feel settled in a wonderful new learning environment with ‘Get to Know You’ activities, including:

  • Sports games, 
  • Experiments in the Science lab 
  • The creation of sweet-smelling bath bombs and 
  • Beautiful jewellery designs
  • Drama activities

Music and Dance was a highight of the students’ Transition Day along with an opportunity to create a memory sheet for 2023, which will be opened in 2029 when these young women graduate from Kildare College.

As a College, we are so excited to welcome our students and their families to Kildare.