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Term 1, Week 6

International Women’s Day

Kildare College is a proud all-girls’ school that focuses on empowering young women to reach their full potential. The College believes gender should not be a barrier to success, and encourages its students to break down gender stereotypes and pursue their dreams.

International Women’s Day is a significant occasion for Kildare College as it provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and promote gender equality.

On Wednesday, our Year 12 Student Leadership Team attended a sold-out event, hosted by the City of Tea Tree Gully to support our local International Women’s Day Event. Adelaide-based singer-songwriter and businesswoman Amity Dry, highlighted important topics about women’s ongoing drive for equality, reflecting the 2023 theme #EmbraceEquity. Our students also valued connecting with the community including the Mayor of Tea Tree Gully, Marijka Ryan.

At the College, our students participated by wearing purple accessories, writing affirmations and gifting affirmations to all staff members for inspiring the next generation of women.

As a student-centred College, Kildare plays a vital role in advocating for women and supporting their leadership every day. At Kildare, we encourage students to be bold and ambitious and break down gender stereotypes whilst being kind and considerate. By attending events such as the International Women’s Day celebration, the students show their support for women’s rights and gain valuable insights and skills necessary to become successful leaders and have a strong voice.

Our 2023 College Captains and Prefects remind us that we have the power to shape the next generation of women. Kildare is influencing the next generation of women, and we, as leaders, are honoured to be a part of that story. In the words of Michelle Obama, “There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.” Together, let us continue to push the boundaries, break down barriers, and blaze new trails. We can create a world where every girl and woman can thrive.

Happy International Women’s Day. We are proud of every single student.

Thank you for walking with us and being a source of inspiration for us all.

Best wishes always,

Tina Neate

Year 7 Camp 1

Last week, half of our Year 7 students had the amazing opportunity to attend a Connections Camp. The camp was filled with exciting beach activities, beautiful scenery, and plenty of opportunities for our students to form connections and build relationships with their peers. The weather was perfect throughout the camp, allowing the students to fully enjoy the beach activities without any disruptions.

One of the highlights of the camp was the opportunity for our students to form connections with their peers. Our fantastic Year 11 Peer Support Leaders helped to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, encouraging our students to step out of their comfort zones and interact with each other in positive ways. The Peer Support Leaders also led our first evening, and engaged the Year 7 students with fun and games that tuckered them all out before bed time. Across the three days, the students participated in team-building exercises and outdoor activities that fostered a sense of teamwork and camaraderie amongst the group. The Flying Kiwi – a rope that pulls individual students up into the air, was a crowd favourite and one that many students were desperate to try again.

We finished our camp experience with a liturgy before heading home. During this liturgy we went around, and each student shared a word that summarised their camp experience – some standout words were; challenging, connections, relationships, friendship, fun, and engaging. It was eye-opening and refreshing to hear the students share their experience and the impact that it has had on them. We are certain the students will remember their time on camp for years to come.

The Year 7 Cultivating Connections Camp was an incredible experience for our students. They were able to enjoy beach activities, appreciate the beautiful surroundings, and form lasting connections with their peers. We are grateful to have had such a wonderful experience and we look forward to seeing the positive impact that this will have on our students’ personal growth and development. We also look forward to our second group of Year 7 students heading off to Victor Harbor and we wish them well in their travels.

Anne Roberts, Laura Fullgrabe, Elly Scamporlino, Jacynta Anderson, Theresa Chav, Chi Doan, Joanne Lord, Stacey Miller and Alle Drew
Year 7 Camp 1 Team

Support for Türkiye and Syria

Last week, the College came together in solidarity with people in Türkiye and Syria who have been through a devastating earthquake.

To demonstrate our compassion, prayers and well wishes written by students, have been displayed in our hall throughout the week.

On Thursday, students wore casual clothes, coming together to raise much needed funds. Additionally, the Living Justice, Living Peace Group spent the morning making bubble tea which was sold to students at lunch.

All funds raised will go to Caritas Australia who are providing emergency shelter, medical aid and access to food and clean water to the victims of the earthquake.

Thank you in particular to those families and members of the community who made charitable donations towards the cause which resulted in raising over $900. Our community is always so generous and ready to stand together to help those most vulnerable.

Linda Dolling
Living Justice | Living Peace Coordinator