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Term 1, Week 5

Opening College Mass

Today we came together as a College community to give thanks to God for the beginning of the academic year.

Our theme for our Mass was Courage, our Core Value for 2023. The readings in the Mass called us to understand our place in the world, to be brave enough to ask for what we need, while reminding us that Jesus is with us every step of the way.

We were blessed to have celebrated with Fr Mathew, at his last College mass as well as welcome special guests, Peter Houlahan, Executive Officer of Kildare Education Ministries, Renee Oberin, Mission Leader from Kildare Ministries, Kathy McEvoy, Co-Chair of the Trustees and Jo Coonan, Chair of the Stewardship Council.

As a staff, we committed ourselves to the girls we teach and serve, to help them become the best they can be. Our Prefects were acknowledged and presented with their badges for their contribution to our College, as well as the Year 12 students. Our Year 11 Peer Support Leaders were also presented with badges and the Year 7 students were welcomed into our College community with a gift. It was a beautiful celebration to begin the year and remind us of our infinite potential.  

Bianca Bruno
Liturgy Coordinator

Art, Design and Technology in the Middle Years

It has become increasingly important to incorporate Design and Technology into the curriculum, as this Learning Area can better prepare students for the future and empower them to become innovators. 

This year is the first time that Kildare has offered Material Solutions in Year 8. The students are starting to design their own Keepsake Box. This project involves students designing and laser cutting wood veneer, for the lid of their product. They are learning different construction skills, including sawing. We look forward to their final product.

Photography has been introduced this year in Years 9, 10 and 11. In Year 9, students are being shown different techniques, as well as learning about photography in different contexts, such as ‘Product Photography’. Student voice in subject selection plays an important role at Kildare and photography was a subject that students really wanted to engage in. Photography skills can create professional opportunities for students in their future, as well as providing them with outlets for creative  expression and personal growth.

Visual Arts is a growing area and offer openings in the curriculum for exploring and expressing one’s identity. Students can use Visual Arts to explore their personal values, beliefs as well as grow their creative experiences. Year 7 students have been experimenting with watercolour and acrylic paint, while learning about positive and negative space as well as differentiating foreground and background. In Year 8, students have created origami 3Z Star Zentagles, focusing on line, pattern and contrast.

These Learning Areas continue to encourage creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills and we are excited to have new and innovative opportunities for Middle Years students in these areas.

Kara Steward
Art, Design and Technology Curriculum Coordinator

Sport Update

Extra-Curricular Sport at Kildare is underway! Over the past couple of weeks, our students have participated in volleyball, basketball, and swimming.


Kildare College has six volleyball teams in the Saturday morning competition. We have had mixed results over the last couple of weeks, with our Year 7 teams winning 1 out of 2 games, and our Senior Team playing well, but not quite achieving a win. Congratulations to our Year 9 team who is on a winning streak.


Our Middle Years team started the season strongly with a win 49-19, and last week, drew with the opposition. Our Senior Years tea’s season began with a bye, and despite working really hard as a team were defeated last week. 

Secondary Swimming Championships

This week, thirteen of our students represented Kildare College in the Secondary Swimming Championships at the Marion Aquatic Centre. We are really pleased with the pool of talent at the College, with many of our students winning their races. Kildare placed 5th overall on the day. This is a great achievement for us. Congratulations to all our swimmers, you represented Kildare College beautifully!

There will be many opportunities for participation in Statewide Sport and students are encouraged to check notices and direqt messages for opportunities to participate. 

Hayley Edwards
Co-Curricular Sports and Activities Officer