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Term 1, Week 1 | 2024

Dear Families    

Happy New Year.    

Welcome to 2024 and the Year of Hope. We especially welcome our new families across Years 7 – 11 joining the College for the first time this year.  We also acknowledge that our Year 12 students are our first Year 7 cohort to graduate this year! 

Every year, we focus on one of our six core values. The core value for 2024 is Hope – bringing a sense of purpose. This value signifies our commitment to fostering an environment where students embrace the future with optimism and enthusiasm. Hope, for us, is an active pursuit involving meaningful goals and a belief in our abilities. By integrating hope with purpose, we aim to inspire our students to dream and act with intention. 

We are so blessed this year as we welcome 21 new staff members and 740 students to the College. The community has great confidence in what we are doing at Kildare, which is reflected in our strong enrolments. Thank you again for your support with all that we do at Kildare.    

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on nurturing a strong, invested, and connected community. This is the perfect foundation to develop independent, resilient, and empowered young people. We are looking forward to welcoming our students back next week, where we have many incredible activities and events planned to start our year.    

At the end of last year, we celebrated the amazing results of our Class of 2023 with 100% SACE completion and 91.8% of the grades in the A and B grade bands (well above the Catholic schools’ average of 80.7%). We congratulate each student on their achievement and look forward to remaining in contact with them as Old Scholars.   

At Kildare, we are blessed to have energised, diverse, committed, and excited staff so that each student can achieve her personal best.  This year, we are delighted to introduce the following new staff members to Kildare.
You can hear from our new staff members here.

Whilst most of us have been enjoying a relaxing break, there has been a hub of activity at the College with some fabulous makeovers in our classrooms. A huge thank you to Lil Mader, our Business Manager, and Garry Costanzo and Stanley Lim our Maintenance Staff, for all their efforts, spending endless hours getting everything ready for us.

Below is a brief summary of what we have done in preparation for the new year. We are looking forward to our students enjoying the new facilities.

  • ​New Café – Our Home Economics area expanded into the former Visual Arts space, now hosting a state-of-the-art Café classroom for teaching and community use. Outside the Café, the area has been tiled in black subway tiles to reflect a café atmosphere and to enhance our Hospitality area​.
  • Studios 1 & 2 – The MakerSpace has been transformed into an exciting Arts teaching space with Studios 1 and 2 and a designated Kiln room. These new spaces will allow our students to showcase their incredible creativity.
  • The Design classroom, formerly the Art room, is now a spacious, light-filled area enabling our students to design and develop many beautiful creations.
  • Classrooms 20 – 23 in the Chanel building were fully refurbished with cladding, painting, new carpet, and furniture – they look like brand new classrooms – just stunning.
  • Many other classrooms also received new whiteboard student desks to replace existing furniture.​ The students love the whiteboard desks, as they can write on them during group work, developing their ideas and confidence.

This year, we are called to have hope, to bring a sense of purpose to our lives or the lives of others. We believe that a hopeful perspective is a key to unlocking a world of possibilities, enabling our students to approach challenges confidently and creatively.   

We thank you again for choosing Kildare. It is an absolute privilege working in partnership with you and your daughter so that together, we can continue to provide an exceptional education for your family.

It has been a wonderful first week at Kildare, welcoming all of our students back for an exciting 2024.     

Best wishes always, 
Tina Neate | Principal