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Term 2 Week 6

Italian Week

During Term 2 Week 5, Kildare College along with the Italian faculty celebrated Italian Week. The purpose of Italian Week was to promote the subject and inspire students with different activities that help celebrate the Italian culture. Activities were run during every lunch, as well as an engaging PC quiz to test student’s Italian general knowledge. 

On Monday, students went back to the year 79 A.D. to re-create the volcanic eruption of Pompeii’s Mount Vesuvius using the Elephants Toothpaste experiment. On Tuesday, students created their own Carnevale masks from the Venetian, Neapolitan and Sicilian Renaissance era using feathers, sequence, and glitter. On Wednesday, students participated in Italian card games such as Briscola and Scopa. On Thursday, Leonardo da Vinci’s design for the self-supporting bridge was brought back to life as students attempted to create the famous bridge out of pop sticks held together by only compression. Finally, on Friday students indulged on a traditional Italian donut know as a ‘Zeppole’ which coincidentally fell on International Donut Day. Students also participated in an indoor soccer tournament during each lunch where every house played it out with their peers cheering them on. 

Overall a very successful Italian Week, and we cannot wait to bring it back in 2023! 

Anthony Vottari
Curriculum Key Teacher Languages

Senior Years Drama Performance

With all the challenges the last few years have thrown at us, it was a pleasure to see the Year 10 and Senior Drama classes perform for an audience.

The evening started with the Year 10 students presenting two different stories that provoked the audience to think and to reflect. Appointment Required explored issues of time, place and the unknown, whilst New Year’s Resolution showed how far people will go to achieve their resolutions. 

They were followed by the Senior Drama class performance of Gap Year, which saw a group of young travellers exploring London on their gap year, along with all the challenges that arise. Stories of missed flights, missed opportunities, new adventures, badgers, looking for a Prince, hearts being broken, discovering history, lost passports, chasing dreams, how hot British coffee is, car accidents and the chance to reinvent themselves were skillfully and engagingly presented to an enthusiastic audience.

We would like to thank the cast and crew for all their hard work, bringing these stories to the stage, as well as all those that supported them during the process.

Kathy Hennig and Shaun Castles
Drama Teachers

Year 12 Bowland

Year 12 students had the opportunity to reconnect and strengthen relationships, heading out for an afternoon of bowling fun. The afternoon provided a welcome break from revising and completing assignments after a challenging start to Term 2. 

In teams of 6, Year 12 students were given a challenge to come up with the most creative team name before changing into their bowling shoes and finding the ball that was the best fit. With lots of strikes, spares and many gutter balls, the Year 12 students showed off their many talents with speed balls, backwards trick throws and a few ‘bouncers’. There were loud cheers and laughter throughout the afternoon, this showed the enjoyment all students were having.  

Shayla Mailes took out our highest scoring game for the afternoon with 127 points, while ‘Living on a Spare’ won the most creative team name. It was a wonderful and rewarding afternoon as the Year 12 students took the opportunity to reconnect with each other outside the classroom.  

As our Year 12 students continue to studiously work through their assignments and tests throughout the remainder of the year, we also encourage them to continue to engage in our celebration days to both, have a break and to create lasting memories. 

Emma Ward
Senior Years Coordinator