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Term 3, Week 9 | 2023

Today we gathered to celebrate and enjoy the Kildare College Sports Day at St Alban’s Reserve at Clearview.  After our Sports Day was postponed for two times this year, it was great to finally be able to get out on the field. The day was full of friendly rivalry and joy as students gave their all for their House.  

Each of the Houses came up with clever and entertaining chants with BRIGID claiming the Spirit Cup. 

Congratulations to DELANY for winning the day!

Thank you to all students who attended the day and to the staff who helped make it the success it was. We would also like to acknowledge Forest Food Co for arranging and delivering 10kgs of onions, Avanti Pasticceria and the work of our Parents and Friends Committee for organising a BBQ, a coffee van and a Slushy Van to keep us well fed and hydrated throughout today.

  • DELANY – 848 Points
  • NAGLE – 664 Points
  • KILDARE – 601 Points
  • BRIGID – 591 Points
  • CHANEL – 525 Points
  • Year 7 Champion – Willow B
  • Year 8 Champion – Aizure C
  • Year 9 Champion – Iris G
  • Year 10 Champion – Lauren P
  • Year 11 Champion – Briannah W
  • Year 12 Champion – Lorelai S
  • Overall Year Level Champion – Briannah W (Year 11)

High school is a time of growth, learning and building new connections. Our inaugural Kildare College Social, Neon Night, beautifully encapsulated the spirit of unity and camaraderie, as we warmly welcomed the company of students from our nearby brother schools: Blackfriars Priory School, Rostrevor College and Christian Brothers College. The vision behind this unique social event was to celebrate the power of inclusivity and to foster connections amongst our students at Kildare and those from our various brother schools. The evening broke down traditional barriers and offered a welcoming, enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees. The venue was transformed into a neon wonderland, adorned with vibrant fluoro decorations, a mountain of glo sticks and neon and fairy lighting. It provided the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with laughter, dance and shared memories.  

The Year 12 Student Leadership Team played a pivotal role in ensuring the event’s success. Their spirited efforts, dedication, and leadership skills were evident throughout the evening. They set the tone for the event and ensured that everyone felt welcomed and valued. To ensure a memorable evening, a variety of activities and entertainment options were available. From a live DJ playing everyone’s favourite tunes to a beautifully decorated dance floor and balloon garland photo wall, students had ample opportunities to connect, make memories and enjoy themselves. Ice-breaker games were a highlight of the evening, helping students from the various schools to interact and get to know each other better. Laughter and cheers filled the air as participants quickly formed new friendships and connections.

As the Neon Night drew to a close, students left with smiles on their faces and a sense of unity in their hearts. As the students departed from the venue, the carpark was filled with echoes of boisterous laughter and happy children running to their parents to share the highlights of the event. The success of the evening was not measured by numbers, but by the bonds that were forged and the memories that were created. It was a night that defied expectations and celebrated inclusivity. A very special thank you to the staff and students whose enthusiasm and generous participation made it all possible. Our inaugural Kildare College Social underscored the importance of inclusivity, friendship, and celebration. It was a night to cherish, and the bonds formed during the evening will undoubtedly continue to thrive, proving that when students and staff alike come together with enthusiasm and a positive spirit, wonderful things happen.

Over the past two weeks our 2024 Year 7 students have visited us and spent a day getting to know each other, their new College grounds and of course, the Kildare students themselves.

It has been a joy to welcome the primary school students to Kildare and throughout the day we all participated in lots of fun activities such as STEM slime making, jewellery creations and an Amazing Race adventure.

During recess and lunch time it was lovely to see many of our older sisters or friends meet our visitors and spend time with them in the gym or Resource Centre.

After lunch the Survivor Challenge took place, which provided lots of problem solving, group connections, fun and laughter along the way. At the end of the day we had time to reflect on what the girls are most looking forward to, about starting high school next year. Comments about making new friends, meeting teachers, discovering new skills and talents and learning new subjects were just some of the comments made. It has been a joy to connect with our girls and we look forward to seeing them in Term 4 for their Transition Days.