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Term 3, Week 8 | 2023

This week, we celebrated Wellbeing Week, which had as its focus, R U OK? Day.

Tracksuit Tuesday provided the opportunity where students and staff could come to school dressed comfortably in their sports uniform or tracksuit by making a gold coin donation to the R U OK? Foundation.

The Wellbeing Wednesday PC activity was focussed on how we can support others.

Thursday was R U OK? Day which is celebrated nationally, ultimately, reminding us all that everyday is day to ask R U OK? It is an opportunity to engage with others, and possibly start a conversation with someone who you feel may be struggling. Year 11 students, Charlotte, Chelsea and Charlotte sold some home made goodies to help raise funds for R U OK? Foundation, and the Student Captains’ Pastoral Care Group ran an Affirmation Activity, affirming others in the community. They also gave out yellow ribbons for students to wear in support of R U OK?

When it comes to R U OK?, here are 4 simple steps that you can use when asking Are You OK?

  • Ask Are You OK? Make sure this is done in a safe environment where the person feels comfortable to share. If they are not ready to share, that is ok, just reassure them that you are there for them.
  • Listen with an open mind. – Take what they say seriously and don’t interrupt them. Show that you are listening by repeating back to them what they have said, but in your own words.
  • Encourage action. – Ask what they have done in the past to manage the situation and support them to do it again. Or, encourage them to seek professional help.
  • Check in. – Make sure this in a few days, or a week, you remember to check in with the person to see how they are going.

Amidst the bustling hallways and echoing laughter of Kildare College, a dedicated group of students are hard at work, bringing the timeless tale of ‘Annie Jr’ to life.

Every successful production starts with a cast that embodies the essence of the story. Auditions saw students from all year levels enthusiastically auditioning, showcasing their singing, dancing, and acting abilities. Under the guidance of the dedicated casting team, the perfect ensemble was chosen to bring this classic tale to life.

The heart of any theatrical production lies in the rehearsals, where actors hone their craft and bond as a team. The process of bringing “Annie Jr.” to the stage has been a journey filled with hard work, dedication, and creativity.

Script Readings: The first step in rehearsals involved script readings and character exploration. Cast members dove into their roles, delving deep into their characters’ motivations and emotions.

Music: To deliver the show’s memorable songs, the cast have been working hard in music rehearsals and are sounding fabulous!

Choreography: Dance rehearsals are a lively affair, with students mastering dance routines under the guidance of our talented choreographers. The energetic dance numbers promise to dazzle our audiences.

Team Bonding: Beyond honing their individual skills, the cast have bonded as a team. The sense of camaraderie and support is wonderful to see and adds to the overall magic of the production.

As the cast and crew of Kildare College work tirelessly during rehearsals for ‘Annie Jr’ their dedication promises an unforgettable performance. Stay tuned as we count down to the big day when the curtains rise, and “Annie Jr.” takes centre stage!

This week is Wellbeing Week at Kildare with Thursday 14 September being national R U OK? Day which promotes having conversations about individual wellbeing and the importance of checking in with others. This day also aims to reduce stigma associated with seeking professional support for mental health concerns. This year the theme to R U OK? Day is ‘I’m here to hear’ which encourages being a listening ear to others when they need. Beyond Blue reported that only 31% of young women with a mental health concern will seek professional help. This emphasises that the majority of young women will either keep concerns to themselves or rely on the support from close friends and family.

At Kildare College, we hold the wellbeing of our community in the highest regard. We offer counselling support to all students which is facilitated by our Counselling Team; Mel Gartner and Alle Drew who provide support for a variety of presentations, including general wellbeing, developing social skills and other supports such as art therapy. All-girls’ schools can provide several benefits to the wellbeing of students, such as being a nurturing and supportive environment and allowing girls the ability to increase their self-assuredness. Kildare College, focuses on a strong sense of community and sisterhood through mentorship opportunities in our Mentor Program. This program allows older students to support younger students within our College community and is valuable in providing emotional support and guidance.

We encourage all members of our community to access support when needed. Please find a list of external support services that can be accessed online below.

Kids Helpline


Beyond Blue