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Term 4 Week 2

Farewell to our Graduation Class of 2022!

Term 4 is always an incredibly busy time for the College, but especially for our Year 12 students. After our usual timetabled lessons in Week 1, students look forward to Week 2 which is filled with daily celebrations as the cohort begin to finalise their assignments and prepare for exams. 

To begin the celebrations, students were invited to wear crazy socks with their uniforms on Monday and made a donation of new socks to the most vulnerable. On Tuesday the Year 12 students had a flashback to their primary years, wearing their hair in pigtails with ribbons matching their House colours. Each House held their own farewell celebration, acknowledging how each student has contributed to shaping the relationships, spirit, and sense of belonging in their respective Houses. 

We came together with families and our community for a final liturgical celebration on Tuesday night for our Graduation Mass. Led by Father Mathew from St Pius X Parish, we were reminded that our students are now faced with the opportunity to take the good that they have done in our community and spread this far and wide across the world. College medals and Subject Dux medals were presented at the conclusion of the mass, and we congratulate each of the students who received an award. 

Wednesday was themed with ‘dress as your future career’ day, and we had the opportunity to see many students dress in their aspiring careers as Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Teachers, Sporting Stars, and many more. 

The College grounds were overrun with minions during lunch on Thursday, as part of the 2022 Presentation Day. Decorated in blue, yellow and black, a carefree and fun feeling allowed the Year 12 students to leave a final mark on our community as they celebrated with the students in Years 7-11. As is tradition, each student presented a white shirt to be hung over the College gates during this time – they looked fantastic and reflected the individuality of our students’ personalities. The Year 12s students also came together for a final time as a year level to for a shared lunch. 

On Friday, we gathered with families for the Farewell Breakfast at the Highlander Hotel. This was a great opportunity to reminisce once again, as we heard stories from the House Leaders and Year 12 House Captains. At the conclusion of the breakfast, we returned to the College to meet as a whole College community for a final time. The Farewell Assembly allowed us to reflect on the journeys each of our students have taken over the last five years and to celebrate the wonderful young people they have become.  

We wish the Graduating Class of 2022 the very best for their future journeys. Goodbye and Good Luck! 

Emma Ward 
Senior Years Coordinator