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Term 4, Week 8

2023 – A Year of Compassion

Thank you for being so supportive.   
Thank you for being so dedicated to Kildare.   
Thank you for entrusting your daughter to Kildare.   

This year we focussed on the Core Value of Compassion: Walking with and having empathy for all. 

2022 has provided us with many opportunities to enjoy, explore, celebrate, and give thanks for all we do here at Kildare. We have been blessed to have experienced so many events and activities despite the Covid uncertainty that has surrounded us, especially at the start of the year.  

In our third year with the pandemic uncertainty and adapting to whatever has been thrown at them, our students have shown us how capable, resilient, patient and flexible they are. They are part of many different year levels and groups but stand as one with their strength and love to make a difference in our world. 

  • Each student is incredibly precious.  
  • Each student has their own story. 
  • Each student has faced their individual challenges.  
  • And together, our students have grown and shown courage, humour, and justice with all that we have achieved. 

Thank you to our Families 

We would also like to thank all of you. Kildare College is special because of our College community. The students and our teachers cannot achieve success in isolation; it is our families and College working together. Navigating the past few years, at times hasn’t been easy, but together, we have walked beside each other every step of the way. We graciously thank our families for supporting, mentoring and shaping our young people into who they are today. Thank you for your support and love you have shared with us throughout the year – we sincerely appreciate it.   

Thank you to the Staff   

To all the staff, we thank them for everything they have done this year. We thank them for their energy, skills, wisdom, professionalism and passion. It has been a busy year, and each time, the staff have risen to the challenge with a positive and flexible approach, ensuring that all the students were engaged and enjoying their learning. 

At this time of the year, we acknowledge and thank the following staff members leaving Kildare. We wish everyone all the very best for the future as they embark on their new adventures.   


  • Dominic Ascoli  
  • Alana Durka  
  • Cat Galligani 
  • Mohammad Jafari
  • Ellisse Rigoni  
  • Julia Taylor (Groutsch)
  • Jenny Tripodi (on leave)

Education Support Staff  

  • Susana Alcantara (maternity leave)  
  • Alison Davies (retiring) 
  • Gabbi Rigney (on leave) 
  • Tricia Crowley  
  • Mia Davies  
  • Shane Dix  
  • Liz Heddershaw 
  • Andrew Heggs  
  • Emma Lewis  

Tullow Centre   

This year, we opened our beautiful new Tullow Centre, and it is already allowing our students to enter a new world that challenges the stereotype of a female learner. The Tullow Centre inspires creativity, construction and innovation and allows our students to learn in an innovative, interactive learning environment reflective of society’s modern, divergent, flexible, and dynamic thinking. We love our new building and the new opportunities. 

Performing Arts Centre  

In 2023, we are starting the process of designing a new Performing Arts Centre. Our aim is to create an exciting and unique performing arts space and learning environment for the Kildare College Community. A space that fosters creativity, freedom of expression, collaboration and lifelong skills that are transferrable to all areas of life. A building that will adapt to the changing needs of our students and provide them with industry-standard experience.  

We will share more with you next year as the planning develops.  

Thankful | Grateful | Blessed  

Finally, each day, our students have taught us about standing up for what they believe in, fighting for what is right and demonstrating a great sense of justice. It is beautiful watching them grow and develop new skills, demonstrating great strength and gentleness. They continuously teach us to:  

  • Be Brave 
  • Have empathy for all 
  • Stand up for what we believe in and make a difference. 

We are so very proud of them. 

Thank you so much for your love, patience and support this year.  

Wishing you a safe, healthy and Happy Christmas.      

Many blessings always,